Magnus bear is ready for hugging!

Hello! My name is Magnus. I am a cute little bear from Brno (Czech Republic). I am very curious and like to make friends. I can play all day long and almost never get tired. I also like eating honey (of course!), dancing and I love sports. At night I like to sleep in bed with someone to hug.

Crochet Teddy Bear by Lilla Bjorn
My test is over and the pattern is already released! I don’t even know how to describe my feelings… I feel proud and relieved and the same time. This test was really a long race! At some point I started to doubt if one week is enough to finish everything, to correct errors, to add missing instructions, to make additional pictures, and to polish pattern’s language.
It seems like writing an amigurumi pattern is much more difficult than creating patterns in Overlay crochet! I had very strict testers this time, and I loved it a lot. In general I like direct people who can speak openly. And this is especially important when you test a pattern. Every single critique helps to improve.

Crochet Teddy Bear by Lilla Bjorn
Crochet Teddy Bear by Lilla Bjorn
I had to completely remake the bear’s head (with ears and embroidery). At first I did not realize that the instructions on positioning different parts and putting the bear together are not less (and even more) important than the crochet instructions themselves. This is my first amigurumi pattern, and I wrote it in my own style. I send many thanks to my testers as the taught me a lot of new things, I had become more experienced every day during the test week. And I polished my pattern, so I am very satisfied with its final version. My testers were able to create almost the same looking bears as my Magnus.

You can find this pattern in my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

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