Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you are doing well! I do very well as well. Few days ago I had a promotion in my Ravelry pattern shop: everyone could choose one pattern he/she likes and get it for free. Wow! I was so much amazed by quantity of people coming to my shop. I got more than 1700 "sales" just in 7 hours! And more than 200 people joined my facebook page! That was another very unexpected surprise which made me totally happy! Thank you very much!

And I am very sorry for those people who missed this give away... The code was valid only till 24th of December 23:59 (Prague time) and then expired. But I will certainly have more promotions in the future. If you want to be one of the first who knows about them - please, join my facebook page and you will get all the updates. You will also be the first who hears about my newest creations and patterns!

It was very interesting to analyze the downloads of different patterns people made. When I create something I do it mostly for myself, because I enjoy the process of crocheting and I am happy to see what is growing in my hands. But I can never say in advance if you will like it or not. Christmas give away gave me a perfect chance to see which patterns are mostly liked. And that was one more surprise!

The leader is Mint Coffee Mandala - but I do understand this as it is also one of my favourites.

But guess which pattern took second place?..

Well... It was Magnus Bear!! :) I mean I like him very much as well but this pattern never got many likes on Ravelry or Etsy. So I was very pleased to find out it was chosen most often.

And next places were divided among my pillowcases. I was happy to know Dahlia pillow was a success :)

I am back on track with the work and have already prepared something new. I will not reveal the secret, I can only say it will be another pillow cover. I will test it and add to my pattern shops very soon!

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