About My Brown Loopy Pillow

I forgot to show you one more project I made with loop stitches. This is a pillow cover I made for a birthday of my friend. She actually liked it very much.

I should say I fell in love with this loop stitch and I am amazed with the effects it helps to achieve. I used yarn of three colors for this pillow: brown, beige and milk. The front piece is very thick and I could of course crochet the whole pillow but I decided to combine it with brown fabric. This is my personal opinion, but I think that crocheted things look very modern when yarn is combined with fabric.

The most tricky part was to sew fabric together with crocheted piece and to insert a zip. My loop stitches are quite bushy, the whole piece is thick and loops were trying to be stuck while I sewed with sewing machine. The next time when I decide to make such a pillow, I will definitely crochet some 2-2.5 cm (1 inch) with sc around the whole front loopy piece, so that it would be easier to sew later.

I thought that you yourself might want to make something like this, and took a picture of the wrong side of the front crocheted piece of my pillow. If you don't know how to change the colors – here are two pictures below. You should change to new color right before you draw through all loops on the hook to complete the stitch.

I've bought 5 skeins of new yarn in grey-white-blue palette. And I am very strong in my wish to make another loopy pillow. Soon!

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