My Pinky Mood Pillow, or First design for the year 2015

Oh, it seems like I forgot to share my first design of the year 2015! Well, this mistake should be corrected, immediately!Here is my latest pillow cover. The pattern is released already and can be found in both my Etsy and Ravelry shops. I think it is a very good way to express your mood. I am not really fond of pink colors, but I have many skeins of pink yarn, for some reason. Once I was making order in my stash and found them. And I suddenly felt so pinky that designed a square motif in few hours, and then made a pillow which was called Pinky Mood.
Today I am writing this and don’t feel so pinky anymore. The weather is very strange, all the snow has melted over night and now it is grey and dirty outside. I should probably put my pinky pillow to the sofa to feel pinky again! Actually, what about the idea to make many pillows in different colors and to change them on the sofa? To paint every single day with different colors! :)
OH! And I should probably make important announcements about my pattern stores. On January the 1st new EU VAT law came into the power. The law itself is very complex and covers the new rules for selling digital items in EU. Due to this law my patterns on Etsy are temporary are not available to the customers from EU (except of UK). All of them are converted to physical items and are sent manually by e-mail after the purchase is completed (the UK is the only EU country which also allows such way of selling digital items).

But Ravelry has found a solution. All my patterns are imported to Loveknitting website where they are available for people from EU. You will be automatically redirected to the Loveknitting which is free to join, and there you will see a pattern’s price for your country (including your local VAT). I am very sorry for this inconvenience and hope this situation will change in the future and all the patterns will be again available for the whole world as instant downloads with no changes in the price!

The pattern is available in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. 

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