Deramores anti-pilling yarn: Have you tried it?

A few months ago I participated in Deramores blog competition 2015 and luckily became a runner-up. If you have been following my blog for a while you have probably read this post about my Large Dandelion Square made with Dandelion Mandala pattern. I am very happy I saw Dedri Uys’s post on her blog with announcement of this competition. And I had enough time to finish the border for my mandala and to participate in it. Later I finished the pattern for this square and I am very proud of it...

Dk Studio anti pilling yarn by Deramores

As a runner-up I was very excited to get a prize from Deramores – a kit of their yarns. It arrived a week after the results of blog competition were announced. No need to describe my feeling when I got the package. I LOVE presents very much and as I have never won anything in my life I was double-happy to open the kit. There was a nice collection of yarns inside, all produced by Deramores. I am not familiar with this brand at all and I heard about their web-site only thanks to blog competition… Well, yes, I agree – I am not well-informed about what is happening in the world of crochet. Otherwise I would have already known the number one yarn retailer in UK. Anyway, now I know about them and I even tried their yarns.

There were mostly acrylic yarns in the package. To be honest I am not a big fan of acrylic yarn. I normally prefer natural fibers such as cotton and wool (better – mix wool). One of the reasons I don’t like acrylic yarn is that quite often finished projects lose their nice look after being washed once or several times. If I have a choice I don’t take pure acrylic yarns to crochet even pillow covers… But what draw my attention in the prize kit were 4 skeins of acrylic yarns with “anti-pilling” effect noted on the labels. Hm, interesting – I thought. And… I started to crochet with these yarns at once (of course!).

The yarn is called “Studio DK” and it’s produced by Deramores. It is available in 30 shades and you can have a look at them HERE. I didn’t get a chance to choose the colors (though normally I am very careful with the colors I take for my projects and designs) so I just decided to mix all of them. My eye didn’t like the color combination at first, but as I was progressing with crochet I started to think it’s not too bad, actually. Then I posted the wip on my Facebook page and (wohoo!) you supported me in my “choice” of colors and the stitch design.

Well, the yarn. I should say – I like it. 4 mm hook is recommended by a yarn producer, but to be honest I rarely refer to what is written on a label and prefer to experiment with the hook size myself. I am a rather tight crocheter and I started with hook 2.75 mm (C), but it was too small. So I changed to 3.25 mm (D) and felt very comfortable with this size. So I stick to it and finished the whole project.

From my personal feelings I can say that this yarn is soft enough, but not very soft. It’s smooth, the stitches slide very well on the hook and look very neat. In general I am very pleased with how my project turned out. It’s also true I haven’t washed it yet, but this yarn is said to be “fully machine washable and hard wearing, it's perfect for the rough and tumble of every day children's play or to create your perfect blanket or Afghan to snuggle under at home or to pass down through the generations”.

In this post you can see some sneak peeks of what I’ve finished two days ago. This is a new design and it’s in test already. So I hope to release it in coming weeks. Can you guess what is it? (My dear testers, if you read this – please, don’t reveal a secret yet…)

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And see you tomorrow with a new tutorial for Circles of the Sun CAL,

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  1. Your work is so beautiful! I love the colors!

  2. Looks lovely!! Can't wait to see the finished project. I recently ordered some of the Studio DK yarn as part of a Cal they're running right now...but like you, I'm normally not one to buy acrylic yarn. I'm very appreciative of your detailed review! You said that it's not super soft, but can I ask how the "itch" factor is? I typically find acrylic yarn scratchy so I'm a bit worried about that.

    1. Katie, I didn't find this yarn itchy at all. I spent more than 30 hours crocheting this project and didn't have any unpleasant feelings in my arms. I would definitely take this yarn for interior items, like pillows or blankets... But I would probably not wear any clothes made with acrylic yarn. But this is only my personal opinion. I know that acrylic is said to be hyperallergenic and is strongly recommended for baby clothes. Maybe, I don't know... I haven't tried many modern acrylic yarns.

    2. Thank you so much for the feedback!


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