“Anchoring” overlay stitches

You have already learned from the post “Crochet in Back or Front loops” that all the background stitches in overlay crochet should be worked in back loops. And front loops stay “free” and ready for the overlay stitches to be anchored to them.

Now it’s time to learn how the long, complex overlay stitches should be added to your crocheted piece. Well, as I mentioned before, these overlay stitches are just the ordinary dc, tr, dtr and their variations (like dc2tog, or dc3tog, tr4tog and so on). It might be tricky to understand how the hook should be inserted while adding them. But don’t be afraid! It is very easy!

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1. If the overlaid stitch is anchored in the front loop of the st of some underlying rnd, then the hook is inserted from bottom to top. So in fact you crochet a classical stitch but insert you hook through front loop only (and through both loops as you are probably used to – because background stitches already occupy back loops).

You can anchor overlay stitches to the stitches of previous round or few rounds below. Just be sure your gauge is always under control!

2. Now let’s see how the front post stitches are made (these stitches have FP abbreviation before their name: FPdc, FPtr and so on).

For the beginning it might be useful to explain which part of the stitch is called its “post”. The post is better seen in high stitches, like hdc, dc, tr and dtr. This is actually its vertical part under the front and back loops. Do you see it?

So when you make a front post stitch (no matter if it’s hdc, dc or tr), you should insert the hook from front to back and then again to front around the post (vertical part) of the indicated stitch. In simple words, the hook will be inserted behind the post.


  1. I'd like to use some overlay stitches in a child's sweater. Any thoughts or patterns on how to do that? Thanks!

  2. I am so impressed by your instructions! I am still a beginner/almost intermediate, and this makes me really inspired. Love all your stuff! Still haven't tried anything, but I will! And I'm Swedish, so I love the name of your blog :)


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