New colors in Our Tribe, and Round-up of Patterns

Have you heard of Our Tribe yarn by Scheepjes? It’s a very special yarn, in many ways. I should admit it’s one of my favourite at the moment. And not because it’s very soft, and warm, and “squishy”. But also because each and every colorway was put together by a Scheepjes blogger. This week new colors arrived, and we have 32 (!) in Our Tribe family already.
Our Tribe yarn by Scheepjes_new colors

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I blogged about Our Tribe yarn earlier this year (read review HERE), and since then several solid colors were added to the collection. And I was honored to develop one more colourway which is called Lilla 2. This time I chose purples with a tiny touch of teal and it turned out lovely, I think. Dusty, not too bright, and the changes of individual colors are very smooth.
Our Tribe yarn by Scheepjes_new colors

I’ve got a chance to see several new samples in person, and I put my hands on them immediately. You can see all knitting swatches on official Scheepjes website HERE. And I thought I would also try them in crochet with linen stitch. And here is what I’ve got.
Our Tribe yarn by Scheepjes_new colors and swatches

I fell in love with a mysterious “forest” color Simy2 at once, and something new is being cooked in my crochet kitchen at the moment. I can’t share much with you but here is a small sneak peek. As you can see fabric with linen stitch is very soft and draping.
Our Tribe yarn by Scheepjes_new colors and swatches

Marie2 is my next favourite. Though the skein looks very bright, the colors in the swatch are calming down and create a wonderful play of different shades.
Our Tribe yarn by Scheepjes_new colors and swatches

And two solid greys of course!! What can be better than neutral pastels! :)

Small swatches can give a nice idea of how yarn looks in crochet or knitted fabric. But finished projects are even better examples. I’ve put together a small round-up of patterns using Our Tribe by Scheepjes.

1. Lilla Björn Sweater by me
2. Spanish Dancer Shawl by Esther of It’s All In A Nutshell
3. Hundred Chain Scarf by Rachele of Cypress Textiles
4. Our Tribe My Tribe shawl by Nerissa of Miss Neriss
5. Timber Cowl and Wristies by Carmen of New Leaf Designs
6. My Diamond Tribe shawl by Jellina of Jellina-Creations
Round up of crochet patterns using Our Tribe by Scheepjes (

Our Tribe yarn is available for purchase via local Scheepjes shops and online retailers:

Wool Warehouse*, Deramores*, Black Sheep Wools* (all three in UK, international shipping)
Caro’s Atelier* (NL and Europe)
Taemombo (US and Canada)
Knotty House* (Canada)

Have you tried Our Tribe yarn? Which shade is your favourite?

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Yarndale 2018, and Scheepjes Bloggers Days, of course!

Hello! My name is Tatsiana, I am 37 years old, I am a crochet designer… and I have never been to any yarn show before. And when I say – never – I mean never in my entire life. Born in the USSR I didn’t have opportunity to visit a show like this. And in Czech Republic, where I live right now, we don’t have (I think) a tradition of spinning and hand-dyeing yarns. But last weekend everything changed. And my small crochet world exploded once again. We, Scheepjes Bloggers, came to YARNDALE!

Yarndale 2018 and Scheepjes Bloggers Days

I’m sitting in front of my laptop right now trying to concentrate and think of a best way of how I can tell you everything. Everything about what happened over last weekend. And my brain is not doing great, really. All I have inside my head is a crazy whirly kaleidoscope of emotions, impressions and pictures. I don’t think I will be able to build up anything logical, so please forgive me. I guess I will need another week, or month, for feelings to settle down.

Disclosure: my camera lense was broken at Yarndale. And credit for most of the pictures you see in this post go to my dearest Scheepjes blogger friends. Thank you for letting me use them!



So Yarndale. Yarndale is the biggest annual yarn show (“a festival of creativity”) in UK. This year it was the sixth event already (and just a week ago it won British Knitting&Crochet Awards as the best show). Every year hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors meet together in Skipton (North Yorkshire). If you, like me, have never heard of Yarndale before, check their official web-site for all information.

Yarndale 2018 and Scheepjes Bloggers Days

“Come and enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere where you can socialise, learn new skills, soak up the creative vibes and shop to your heart’s content.”

And this is true to every bit. I have never seen so many like-minded and passionate crafters per one square meter. Thousands of people met in one place to share their love for yarn, crochet, knitting, spinning, felting and more!

This year Scheepjes had their own stand at Yarndale, and we, Scheepjes bloggers, were invited to join our yarny friends for bloggers days in UK. I think I’ll be safe to say Scheepjes stand was one of the busiest. Lots of visitors came in to say hello to us, bloggers, and to squish Whirls, balls of Stone Washed and Namaste.

Yarndale 2018 and Scheepjes Bloggers Days
Scheepjes stand at Yarndale 2018

It’s difficult to describe that particular moment when suddenly in the crowd you see a project made with your pattern. When I was walking along the stands and drooling over hand-dyed yarns I suddenly spotted a Grinda shawl. The shawl didn’t look like Grinda entirely, as it was modified a bit.

But I clearly recognized Whirl yarn and the lace border. And I decided to be brave and ask lady which shawl she was wearing. And yes, it was Grinda! Petra recognized me at once, and we started a nice talk. Like me, she came to Yarndale for the first time, and was very excited to see everyone and everything…

And then I noticed another lady in the crowd wearing Lilla Bjorn sweater and Peacock Tail bag. Yay!! We met with Tamara (@craftyescapism) later at the Scheepjes stand and had a lovely chat about crochet… And then @yumushroom came in (please, forgive me as I forgot to ask your real name!) to show me her stunning Winter Light Poncho! You know? Online people became real! And we all were talking, and talking, and talking…

Yarndale 2018 and Scheepjes Bloggers Days
We, lovely people we met and famous Yarndale bunting!

Bloggers and Scheepjes

Last weekend was not only about Yarndale, but also about Scheepjes Bloggers Days which happen once a year, and when I can see my lovely dearest beautiful blogger friends again (LOVE you girls and boys!).
Yarndale 2018 and Scheepjes Bloggers Days
Pic. 1 - Carmen of New Leaf Designs, Christina of A Spoonful of Yarn, Dedri of Look At What I Made, Rachele of Cypress Textiles, Kirsten of Haak Maar Raak, and me; Pic. 2 - Me, Susan of Felted Button and Esther of It's All In A Nutshell drooling over new Rachele's book; Pic.3 - A birth of a new shawl design...
I am often asked how to become a Scheepjes blogger and why on Earth I work for Scheepjes. Answering the first question – there is no application from or admission procedure to become a Scheepjes blogger. I didn’t pitch them anything. They just found me themselves (hey, a lucky girl here!). And answering the second questions – no, I am not working FOR Scheepjes, but WITH Scheepjes.

Yarndale 2018 and Scheepjes Bloggers Days
A hotel "Old Swan" and we - crocheting and "socializing" :)

There is something special in our relationship which cannot be described or put into words. Something that makes all of us feel like friends, regardless the status. I mean… You can meet an owner of Scheepjes at Yarndale, he will sell you a few balls of yarn, offer you a Dutch stroofwaffle, give you bloggers’ postcards and you will never even recognize he is the “big boss” behind the company. And at the same time art director will chat with you about crochet and you’ll not know she is actually the one who put all Scheepjes magazines together and helped to develop innovative yarns. Like everyone feels equal. If you understand what I mean.

Yarndale 2018 and Scheepjes Bloggers Days
Job - a "big boss" of Scheepjes wearing a faaaamous Read Between the Lines Shawl by Tammy of Canadutch. Photo Credit: Dedri Uys

And this feeling of belonging to something huge, creative and… equal… makes my heart extremely happy. I don’t think I realize myself how much I grew up in designing over past 3 years being a part of Scheepjes Bloggers team.

I came home in the middle of the night. My sleepy dog was greeting me. After almost 13 hours drive with a plane and several trains I could hardly believe Yarndale happened for real. Next morning my husband was drinking coffee in the kitchen. Silently. I supposed my yarn bills finally came through and he was in a kind of financial coma… But well, you know, it was Yarndale! And it happens once a year. Or once in someone’s life.

Skies of Yorkshire
Skies of Yorkshire

The end :)

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Blues in the Wind. One crochet pattern for a pillow, blanket, coaster and bauble!

Pillows are something I truly enjoy to make. I am not sure how many pillows I have at home already (and I’m afraid to count them), but I believe they can never be enough. With just one new pillow on your sofa or chair you can give the room a different accent, and even a whole new look. And today I would like to show you my new (pillow) design – Blues in the Wind.
Blues in the Wind - crochet pattern for a pillow, blanket, coasters and baubles. All in one! by

Blues in the Wind pattern was originally published in May issue, 2018, of Happpily Hooked Magazine. And now it can be released as a stand-alone design.  

You can find it both on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE, and you can save 20% over this weekend (through Monday, September 24th, 2018). You don’t have to apply any codes, as discount was applied already and the price you see is final.

Blues in the Wind pattern is a very special one. :) And in a few paragraphs below I will explain you why.

I usually use square shape for my pillow decorations, but this time I decided to use octagons instead.
Joined with small squares and triangles, they get the look of true mosaic tiles you can see on the floors in old buildings.
Blues in the Wind - crochet pattern for a pillow, blanket, coasters and baubles. All in one! by
Add this pattern to your Ravelry Queue

The pattern uses only 4 colors, but each octagon is different, because colors are combined in a different order. I chose River Washed yarn by Scheepjes (reviewed HERE) together with Stone Washed yarn for my pillow, and it has added new play of colors, as each new skein carries two different shades in itself. But the pillow will look great with any yarn in solid contrasting shades.

You can find Stone Washed and River Washed yarn in local Scheepjes shops and via online retailers:

Wool Warehouse*, Deramores* and Black Sheep wools* (all in UK, international shipping)
Caro’s Atelier* (NL, Europe)
Taemombo (US & Canada)
Knotty House* (Canada)

Blues in the Wind - crochet pattern for a pillow, blanket, coasters and baubles. All in one! by

To save yarn (and my precious time) I only created front square decoration and sewed it onto ready fabric pillowcase. I always use this method, as in my opinion the pillow better keeps its shape, fabric pillowcase has a zip or other closure already (so no need to think of any, and it’s very easy to wash it). And finally – the time to make a pillow becomes twice shorter! Nice solution if you are in a hurry and need to complete gifts asap, for example.

If you are not sure how to attach crocheted piece to a fabric pillowcase, please, see my video-tutorial HERE.

Blues in the Wind pattern is also special because it can be used for blankets! Octagons are textured but “airy” in a way, and with soft yarn the crocheted fabric will drape very well.
Blues in the Wind - crochet pattern for a pillow, blanket, coasters and baubles. All in one! by

If you are in a mood of making new interior accessories for your home, you can make all designs match each other. And that’s with just one pattern! :) As mentioned, you can make a pillow and a blanket. And using Blues in the Wind pattern you can also create small and cute coasters for your coffee table. Just stop after Round 7 – and here they are! Simple and quick, great for using leftovers. And with only 4 colors you can create 9 different coasters!
Blues in the Wind - crochet pattern for a pillow, blanket, coasters and baubles. All in one! by

I’ve been playing with Blues in the Wind pattern to see what else I can make with it. And suddenly I got an idea of small baubles!!
Blues in the Wind - crochet pattern for a pillow, blanket, coasters and baubles. All in one! by


You should only complete 4 rounds as per Blues in the Wind pattern, and then repeat Round 4 four more times changing color on every new round. You will get a half sphere. Then you should make another one, and join them together by repeating Round 4 again, but inserting the hook into corresponding spaces on both half spheres. When you are almost done, stuff your bauble and complete joining round. Finish with slip stitch in first single crochet stitch and fasten off. That’s it!
Blues in the Wind - crochet pattern for a pillow, blanket, coasters and baubles. All in one! by
To summarize, you can use Blues in the Wind pattern to make a pillow, a blanket, coasters and baubles. And just to remind the pattern is on SALE right now both on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE.

Let me know in comments if you have other ideas of what can be made with Blues in the Wind pattern. :)

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Namaste: Crafting Is A New Yoga (yarn review)

My mother in law often says that crochet is yoga for brain. And I agree with her, as I can feel that myself. There was a lot said about positive impact of crochet (and knitting) on mental health. And when I crochet I can feel that stress is going away, I am calming down and slowly get into a very special meditative mood. Which can keep me crocheting for hours, and hours.

I don’t practice yoga on a regular basis, but I remembered of it because of new Scheepjes yarn released last week. It’s called Namaste. As an early bird I was lucky to receive two skeins for myself. And today I would like to share my thoughts about it.

Namaste* is a chunky and light like feather yarn that comes in skeins of 100g/85m (3.53 ounces/ 93 yards). It contains 50% virgin wool and 50% acrylic – perfect combination for a wide variety of projects. I can see blankets, chunky sweaters and shawls in my nearest future.

The color palette is gorgeous. Scheepjes did think very well of colors to translate the meditative mood: 34 shades in total, and you can also create some very beautiful ombre combination.

8mm hook/needles are recommended by the label, but apparently I didn’t have the same size at home, so I first made a knitting sample with 7mm needles. And they work very well.

One spin makes Namaste a perfect knitting yarn, but the stitches look very well in crochet as well. No need to mention how wonderful the yarn feels. As if you crochet with air.

We, Scheepjes bloggers, were joking we should show our own yoga poses on our blogs together with Namaste yarn. It was a joke of course, but because I take everything very seriously, here are my pictures. As you can guess, I am not a frequent yoga-maker. It took me almost one hour to shoot several pictures which can be used for a blog. So obviously, no more yoga for me today. :)

Namaste yarn is already available in local Scheepjes shops and via online retailers:

WoolWarehouse* and Deramores* (both in UK, international shipping)
Caro’s Atelier* (NL and Europe)
Knotty House* (Canada) and
Taemombo (Canada & US)

I have already placed a huge yarn order for myself. It should arrive soon together with new 8mm needles. And I can’t wait to start working on something new! Hopefully a new sneak peek will be ready soon.

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An Explosion in My Crochet World, or One Day at Black Sheep Wools

My little world of crochet has exploded. Into numerous colors, new acquaintances and emotions. Last weekend the first ever public appearance of my life happened. An appearance as a crochet designer, I mean. Black Sheep Wools*, one of the largest yarn shops in the UK hosted a Scheepjes Day last Saturday. I was invited as a guest designer together with Dedri Uys of LookAtWhatIMade, an author of Ubuntu CAL, Sophie’s Universe blanket and many more wonderful crochet designs. And everything felt surreal.

This was my second visit to UK this summer. Me and my husband have only recently gained an EU citizenship, and United Kingdom was the first destination on our wish list. The July was all about Liverpool and Beatles. We went to Strawberry Fields, and Penny Lane, and to Cavern Club of course (three times in two days). And I discovered UK to be a wonderful country. With amazing clouds (really, all shades of grey you can ever think of – all of them are carried by the clouds in UK), charismatic weather (I learned that umbrella might be my best friend for a while), and absolutely lovely and friendly people!

And last week I flew to UK again. This time to the village of Culcheth (Warrington, Cheshire) where Black Sheep Wools, the largest knitting store in the country, is situated. It takes only 30 minutes to drive to Culcheth from Manchester, and you get into the… yarn heaven.

Yarn Heaven and Black Sheep Wools

Black Sheep Wools* was established in 1983, and from the very beginning it has been a family business, run by a team of dedicated people. And once you enter the shop, you can feel the love and care about everything. The store is big! And you can easily get lost among the isles with yarn of different brands, fabrics, craft tools, embroidery kits, and other. Many people come here for a day trip. And some of them whispered to my ear that they come regularly not only because of the yarn, but also because of the most delicious home-made cakes at the recently opened Tea Bags Full! And I can confirm – they ARE delicious.
Happy me waiting for a cake :)

But it’s not only yarn and craft accessories of different kinds you can find here. Black Sheep Wools host workshops and drop in sessions* on a weekly basis – all with known designers and professional tutors. Just to give you an idea, the coming workshop are the Art of Fair Isle with Melanie Boocock, Anatomy of Knitted Shawls with Heike Gittens, Beeded Crochet with Sophia Reed, and many more.

Here is what Sara Mulvey, the director of Black Sheep Wools is saying:

“The store was set up by my mum. Stephen joined her two years later and opened six more stores. All the stores have now been merged into one large Craft Barn, but still in the village where we started. We believe we are the biggest yarn store in England but still try to keep the ethos of a small shop. The shop is staffed by keen knitters, crocheters and stitchers who love enabling other crafters!”

Scheepjes Day, Ubuntu and Dedri

Last Saturday a Scheepjes Day was hosted at Black Sheep Wools. It was also a launch party for an Ubuntu CAL, which officially started today! (Did you miss something? Hurry up to grab your own kit, make a gauge swatch and begin with thousands of other crocheters all over the world).

Dedri and her medium Ubuntu blanket

The shop was decorated with crochet projects by Dedri and me. The centerpieces, of course, were made by three Ubuntu blankets. And then visitors could see my Spirits of Life wraps* (the kits are still available, yay!), Brioche and Nya Mosaic blankets, Grinda shawls and Indigo Shrug*, my Lilla Bjorn sweater and several mandalas. Everything looked fabulous with the background of isles with Scheepjes yarns, and Black Sheep Wools carries LOTS of Scheepjes yarns.
Isles with Scheepjes yarns, Indigo shrug and Lilla Bjorn sweater

Because it was my first ever public appearance as a crochet designer, I felt very excited and nervous at the same time. I didn’t really know how everything would go and what was expected from me. But as soon as first visitors arrive, I could breathe out and relax.

You know, there is something surreal about meeting people, who follow your blog and recreate your designs. My daily life consists of a small corner in my living room with a small computer desk and a sofa where I usually crochet and design watching TV. And then I am blogging (sitting at the same small desk by the window, with a cup of morning coffee)… And then… I suddenly meet real people, who are actually reading my blog! That’s feels very, I don’t know, happy! And surreal at the same time.
Dedri teaching crochet

I met Karen and Bev. Karen was studying Russian language in Saint Petersburg, and we chatted in Russian a little bit. And then a lovely lady Jane came in. she brought me a box of chocolate just to thank you for my Spirits of Life CAL… Seriously, I have never felt anything like this before. It all felt like I found a new family. Dedri met some old friends, too. They came to Black Sheep Wools on that particular day to see her, and to hug her.
River's Walk shawl

We were talking about crochet, smiling and laughing, eating delicious cakes, making Friendship bracelet (I’ve received the tag “Be kind. Always”). We taught each other crochet tricks, we were fighting gauge and choosing the right hook for the right yarn. It was fantastic! And time flew fast.

That was the best experience of my short crochet life :) And I am very grateful for this opportunity.
We are making friends and Friendship bracelets

Early Morning at Manchester Art Gallery, and a crochet horse

It was time to fly home the next day, and because I had a few hours left before my flight, I decided to take a walk to Manchester Art Gallery. Museums and art galleries are free in the UK, and that was another nice surprise.

Guess what a found among oil paintings from 18-19th centuries? A yarn bombed sculpter of a head of a horse. Looks mysterious, doesn’t it?

And then I found my favourite place. A large painting of the sea and two comfy chairs in front of it. I think I spent at least a half an hour in one of them. Looking at the waves and thinking of wonderful days I had. And realizing I would love to come back… One day.

All my crochet samples will stay at Black Sheep Wools for a while. So if you are in UK and would like to see them for real - feel free to come. And I wish I could join you.

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