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Overlay Crochet

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Finishing rounds

Overlay crochet is a relatively new technique. It was developed by an artist and fantastic jewelry maker Melody MacDuffee in the United States and first introduced in 2003. Melody MacDuffee started to spread her inventions and conducted lots of workshops for hundreds of crochet lovers.

Overlay crochet has its roots in Aran crochet. Though it may look a bit complicated and quite often is offered to advanced crocheters, in fact it uses ordinary crochet stitches, and only few special ones. To master this technique it is necessary to already know how to make a slip stitch, a chain, single, double and treble crochet stitches, how to increase the number of stitches, how to make a long stitch.

What is interesting about this technique is that with changing colors on every round it is possible to achieve an effect as if the colors are actually changed after every few stitches.


  1. Beautiful. A challenge for me Buy must try my Best.

  2. Hi, I just wrote a post about crochet inspirations on my site and featured your overlay crochet tutorial along with the picture above. I hope this is okay eith you, as it now seems wordpress has decided to take the mandala picture from above as my featured image for this post. I have tried every which way to overwrite it to the actual featured image, but it will not let me. Please let me know if you are okay with this ( http://crochettherapy.com look to the recent posts thumbnails and you'll see what I mean)
    I love your site and thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Andre!

      thank you for your comment. I've checked your blog and the way you used my picture is absolutely fine! Thank you for sharing my tutorial :)


  3. Hello Tatsiana, I am working on Joana's Mandala. Very pretty design.
    I am confused in rnd 6.
    The pattern says: 1sc - 1tr(sk.1 st) - 2sc - 1tr(sk.1 st) - 1sc. 8 times. If I am correct
    this totals to 48 st. Not 56. But I need 56 for rnd 7.
    If I look closely at the pictures it looks like there are 3 sc between the V's. That would make it 56 stitches. Can you tell me what it should be?

    1. Hi Petra! In the end of each repeat you shoould make "sc inc" (increase) and not just one sc. This will give you the correct count. Please, next time you have particular questions about the pattern - contact me via contact form on blog, in Ravelry group or pm me on Facebook :) Tatsiana.

  4. Maravilloso comentario, me encanta este crochet. Me compraría casi todos los patrones. Lástima que me resulta imposible con ravelry

    1. hi Stella! All my patterns are also available on Etsy here:

  5. What excellent explanations. I'm totally new to overlay crochet but your words and your pictures give me a clear reference and I feel confident to start the Macaron Pincushion right away. And after that: the Floral Ear Mufflers. Excellent introduction!

    1. Thank you! And after these two patterns you can absolutely try something more intricate :)

  6. Do you have the pattern for the mandala in the above pic? (Looks like Sun in green)

    1. Yes! It's Sunny Mandala. The pattern is availabe on Etsy, Ravelry and Loveknitting. Click "Shops" icon at the top of my blog :)


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