About me

Hello and welcome in my blog!

My name is Tatsiana and "Lilla Björn" means "little bear" in Swedish. I am not from Sweden... But I love cold and grey sea, fresh windy air, and I like to crochet little bears. 

I am not an educated designer. I studied journalism and opera singing, I edited a magazine and sang in a choir. But crocheting and knitting has always been the greatest passion of mine. 

A nice red-haired woman Raisa  taught me to crochet in a kindergarten when I was 5-years-old girl. I regret so much that I did not find her when I grew up, and didn't thank her. But I still keep my kid's handmade things as a memory about her. 

I like to create decorations for interior and I can spend long hours learning new techniques, combining colors and seeing to where the whole process is leading me... And I can also talk about that for hours!

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