Skipping stitches

Overlay stitches “hide” the stitches of background and this is the reason, why sc of the working round should be skipped. So in fact overlay stitches replace the stitches of the backgound, and the stitch count stays the same.

But, please, note that the number of overlay stitches is NOT always the same as the number of skipped stitches.

Basics and 
Stitch Tutorials:
Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced?
Choosing yarn
Attaching new yarn
Crochet in back or front loops
Skipping stitches
"Anchoring" overlay stitches
Finishing rounds

It helps to increase the quantity of stitches on each round without making increases. You should be very careful while following the instructions. I include a stitch count at the end of instructions for every round to help you avoid mistakes.

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