My Christmas Hearty Garland

I’ve decided to design a small heart which could be used as hanging decoration for Christmas or Valentine’s Day or just as an appliqué. These hearts can be hung separately or joined together into garland. They are crocheted in overlay crochet technique with colour changes on almost every round.
Though this design can seem not very intricate, the pattern is a bit tricky, as there are no repetitive parts and the instructions contain full wordings for every round. I guess the most important thing about crocheting this heart is to be very attentive and to count carefully. Though there are no very difficult stitches at all - just sc, dc, dc4tog and tr. The main difficulty is to place them in right positions. But I really tried to make the pattern as easy to follow as possible, as always with tons of pictures.
It is possible to change color on every round or to crochet two coming one after another rounds with one color. This minor change can significantly influence the way finished heart will look. I tried different color combinations but finally decided to make a set of six hearts in these colors: dark sea green, light green, turquoise, terracotta and beige (which also looks as gray). I crocheted few hearts adding dark blue but then thought it should not be used here.
I also decided not to make a back part of hearts and just sewed beige felt on it. I did it by hands using the same color of yarn as I used for the last round of each heart.
It was my first hearty experience and I am pleased with the result. I hope you like them too :) the pattern can be found in my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

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