How to Make a Lining for a Round Crocheted Bag

I am not good at sewing at all. Unfortunately. The only thing I’ve learned is to sew pillowcases. Yes, I can make them perfectly. Now I can probably sew a fabric pillowcase with zip with closed eyes. ...Or at least with one eye closed. :) And I am very proud of myself. When I was a child I enjoyed sewing dresses for my dolls. Of course, I did not care much about how these clothes looked. But I don’t have such a confidence any more. I know I cannot sew well, so I rather not do it all.

I’ve started to design crocheted bags. I’ve made two round mandala purses already. And my huge question was how to make a lining for them. I searched internet but I could only find the tutorial on how to make a lining for rectangle bags, or of the similar simple shapes. I think I could definitely do it. But I had round bags, and that was the problem.

How to make lining for a bag
As far as I was not sure I can make a perfect fabric lining myself, I decided to crochet it. This is also the way out: my bags look very neat inside, though they became a bit thick. That’s true. But as I used mix wool yarn for them, they are perfect for wearing in fall or even winter. And I am very pleased with the result.

But one of the testers who helped me a lot with polishing my pattern of Kaleidoscope Mandala Bag decided to make a fabric lining for her bag. “I quilt on a regular basis. When I’m not doing that, I alter clothes to fit. I brought up lots of fabric choices from that stash yesterday in the hope you would agree” wrote vwoman87 in the test thread. “I’ve already planned to make a two-sided lining so that the “wrong” side is never seen - even inside the bag”.

And I thought: that would be really cool! Of course I did agree and asked vwoman87 to take progress pictures of sewing the lining and to write a short tutorial for my blog. And… Here it is! :)

Lining for round bag

I love this mandala bag because it shows two of my craft loves – crochet and sewing. The double lining provides a perfect background for LillaBjörn’s gorgeous design while also keeping the inside layer nice to look at. The lining is fairly basic – it is all straight sewing! Pick out one or two fabrics that complement your bag. I like cotton or linen because it has little stretch and is washable. I wanted a lining to support the bag and not allow it to stretch out. Materials needed: approximately 1/2-3/4 yd of fabric, iron, ruler, marking pen or chalk.


Pick out desired fabric, determine length/width needed, pre-wash and iron wrinkles.

1. Fold fabric in half.
2. Lay out backing of bag flat on fabric.
3. Trace a line approximately at edge of backing.
Tutorial - Lining for crocheted round bag

4. Cut just outside of (or directly on) line. (I prefer to cut just outside of line).
Repeat steps 2-4 to get another set of circles. You should end up with four circles: two will end be the inner side of the lining, and two will be outer side of the lining (this allows both sides of the lining to show the "pretty" side of the fabric).

5. Measure width and length of side. Width - dimension of side between front and back. Length - dimension of side between attachment points on front.
6. Add 1 inch (2.5 cm) to both measurements to account for seam allowance.
7. Cut two strips from your chosen fabric.

8. Sew one circle onto a strip with 1/2 inch (approx. 1 cm) seam allowance throughout. Please, take your time as sewing circles can be a little tricky. Use pins if needed, just try to avoid sewing over them if possible.
9. Sew a second circle onto that strip.
10. Repeat with the second strip, sewing two circles onto it.
11. Carefully iron seam allowances towards the strip. A round or bolster pillow may help you or use the pointed end of your ironing table. A kabob stick or stiletto is helpful in holding down the seam allowance as you iron, while protecting your fingers.

12. Turn one set right side out and stuff into the other set.
13. Carefully line up the center strips and pin through all layers.
14. Carefully pin around the top of the circle.
15. Sew around the top leaving a space about 2-3 inches wide unsewn so you can turn the lining.

16. Carefully pull the lining through the opening to turn it right side out.
17. Iron opening edges so they match the rest of the lining.
18. Top stitch around top of lining along both sides.
19. Top stitch one edge of strip.
20. Line up sides of lining with sides of the bag, pin all around.
21. Whip stitch lining in place along top edges and around on edge of lining.
Tutorial: lining for round bag

Congratulations! Your fabric lining for the crocheted round bag is finished!

I think this tutorial is quite comprehensive, isn’t it? I will definitely try it myself!

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p.s. And this is what vwoman87 wrote about herself:

I’m a crafter; I have busy hands. I crochet, knit, cross stitch, sew, quilt, woodwork, make jewelry, wire work – anything to keep my hands busy and productive. I work on most of my yarn projects at work as they are usually portable, then work on the large projects at home after I’m done with real life. Most of my sewing is for alterations or fixes for people I work with. My woodwork is for the birds – literally, I make birdhouses. My jewelry and wirework is usually gifts for my swap partners and are often stitch markers or pendants. I love the projects best that combine my crafts. 

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  1. I don't get why she bothered to make double lining (to cover the seams) because they'll be hidden anyway when you sew it to the bag.

    1. The front mandala is lace, with large holes, so seams can be visible throughr them ;-)


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