Anatomy of Spike Stitch or How to crochet a simple coaster without a pattern

The Spike single crochet stitch (SPsc in American abbreviations) is probably the easiest decorative stitch in crochet. It is almost the same as single crochet but placed one or more rounds below the working round. Using it you can make the most simple projects to look unique.

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There are two important things to remember while making the Spike stitch:

1. You should always draw up a loop to the height of the working round (no matter if you insert your hook one or several rounds below).

2. You should remember to skip the stitches of working round located behind the SPsc just made. Why?Because the spike stitch actually overlays the stitch of the working round and replaces it. To skip the stitches is very important when you work in rows. BUT! You may not skip the stitches on rounds. As then you will get “natural” increases without actually making classical increase.

Here are instructions for making the Spike Stitch:

Insert the hook in indicated stitch, draw up a loop to the height of the stitches of the working row/round, yarn over, pull yarn through both loops on hook.

Easy right?

And now let’s see it in the pictures.

At first I planned to crochet several small pieces to illustrate how the spike stitch should be made. But while crocheting I decided to end up with a coaster. A very simple one: crocheted in rounds with only single crochet stitches, and Spike stitches. I changed the colors on every round and finished them with a slip stitch.

I didn’t care at all about the increases and I did not count my stitches. I just made increases where I felt they should be done for the circle to stay flat. So this is not a very good example of a “perfect” circle from the point of crochet theory. If you want your coaster to be ideal – check this link.

But what I wanted to show you is that even if you don’t have any pattern and don’t follow the rules of crochet carefully, you can still design your own original and lovely stuff!

So what did I do? I started with a magic ring and 8 sc in it. I made 8 increases on 2nd and 3rd rnd, and then changed yarn to make Spike Stitches.

The arrow marks the place, where you should insert your hook. Remember to draw up a loop to the height of the working round. I did skip stitches behind some of SPsc, and skipped no stitches behind the others. I was just trying to keep my circle flat.

Then I crocheted a few more rounds with different colors. You can crochet in back loops only - then (and you can see it in the picture) the spike stitches form a very nice circle image.

You can also make the spike stitch not one but two (or even more) rounds below. You will get nice long decorative stitches.

Then you can add more rounds crocheted with only single crochet stitches. And then some more rounds with spike stitches. You can even make an original rug! But I decided to stop with a coaster. :)

As you see, it is possible to create some beautiful items with no patterns at all – and just while practicing one or two stitches. So let your creative energy out! The spike stitch is a great choice to start with!

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