Circles of the Sun - CAL - Block 1

Today is a very exciting and important day as my Circles of the Sun CAL 2015 in overlay crochet starts. I really wanted to design and organize it in such a way that you could be introduced to an amazing technique of overlay crochet. I tried to design simple squares and write easy to follow patterns. And today we start with Block #1.

Circles of the Sun Mystery CAL - General Information

Only five days are left till the official beginning of my summer Mystery CAL 2015 (as the first pattern will be published next Friday, on 26th of June) and it’s the right time to give you more details about this project. Oh! I’ve actually come up with the name. My CAL will be named "Circles of the Sun". All 9 granny squares are different but still made in the same style, and they remind me of small suns. There are both floral and geometrical elements, so I really hope you will like them. After I posted brief information about this upcoming CAL I got many questions from you. So I will try to answer them in this post.

The end of my Lace Adventure – White Tea Doily Rug

Not long ago I wrote about my first lace adventure. I suddenly decided to design a doily rug. Well, not really suddenly. This idea came when I got a fantastic kit of yarns from Circulo. I was impressed by the size of Barroco Natural yarn skeins and wanted to try it at once. And here is the result! Let me introduce a new design – White Tea Doily Rug.

White Tea Doily Rug - crochet pattern by LillaBjornCrochet

Mystery CAL 2015 – Overlay Crochet

It seems like it’s time to announce my Mystery CAL 2015 (with official start on 26th of June). This will be the first CAL in my life and no need to say how excited and nervous I am about it. I sent you a newsletter not long ago and since then I’ve got lost of requests on this CAL: what it will be, when it starts and so on. So the right time has come to tell something (not everything yet) about it.

Mystery CAL 2015 in overlay crochet with LillaBjornCrochet

"Lilla Meets Dedri" or Large Squares Gallery

It took almost a month to write down and test the pattern of Dandelion Border and it was finally released. Oooooh, how happy I am! I send many thanks to my amazing testers who came through this with me, who were very attentive and careful with the pattern and who helped to improve it and make it perfect. Today I would like to share their amazing work with you! And the work of other crafters who honored me by choosing my patterns for their next crochet project. Here is a fantastic pillow cover by Christine Scalera. She used my Dandelion Mandala pattern and squared it off by herself.

Dandelion mandala

Crochet Trends and Best Designs 2015

This week was surreal. Absolutely unreal. My designs were twice nominated by The Crochet Awards among the best for the year 2015 (in categories Best Bag and Best Jewelry) and I also found out that I became a runner up in the Deramores Blog Competition 2015. Quite a lot for one week, isn’t? Do you actually know what is The Crochet Awards, who is behind it and how it works? I haven’t heard anything about them before I happily got a notification on my Facebook page one day. And I decided to write this post to tell you about them. Maybe you will check their pages and like some designs, and vote, and even choose to crochet something for yourself.

Best Jewelry 2015 by The Crochet Awards
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