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It took almost a month to write down and test the pattern of Dandelion Border and it was finally released. Oooooh, how happy I am! I send many thanks to my amazing testers who came through this with me, who were very attentive and careful with the pattern and who helped to improve it and make it perfect. Today I would like to share their amazing work with you! And the work of other crafters who honored me by choosing my patterns for their next crochet project. Here is a fantastic pillow cover by Christine Scalera. She used my Dandelion Mandala pattern and squared it off by herself.

Dandelion mandala

I cannot even describe what a pleasure it is to release a new pattern. Not really to release it but to see some beautiful projects made with my patterns by other people. Every new picture, every new finished item makes me happy. Two months ago I published the pattern of Dandelion Mandala and surprisingly there were many beautiful projects appearing on the internet. I fell in love with each and every one.

Dandelion Border is an extension of my Dandelion Mandala pattern which was released a few months ago. But this “squaring off” will work well for not only my mandala but for any circle with 248 stitches (or 246 stitches) on the last round. And it’s very exciting that it will also suite a famous Sophie by Dedry Uys!

The pattern of Dandelion Border is available in my Ravelry shop only. And I offer a 1.5$ discount for those of you who decide to buy a set of both patterns. Please, put TWO patterns to your cart and the discount will be granted automatically. It is also valid in case you purchased Dandelion Mandala pattern before. But you still should put two patterns to the cart to get a discount for a Dandelion border (the previously paid price for Dandelion Mandala will be cut off together with a 1.5$ discount).

I was often asked if other mandalas of mine can be squared off by Dandelion border. And yes, you can also use it for my Mandala with Flower. You should just crochet three more rounds with 8 increases on each round (with single crochet stitches) and it will be ready for Dandelion border! Unfortunately Mint Coffee Mandala was designed to serve as a potholder and it’s much smaller in size, but maybe I will think of a few more rounds to enlarge it and make it suitable for Dandelion Border.

By the way both Dandelion Mandala and Mandala with Flower can be used as a center for Sophie blanket. I didn’t think about it before I saw the work by Irina Woolsey. I became wordless for a few minutes… Isn’t it amazing? Irina called her post on Facebook “Lilla meets Dedri” and I felt so proud as I admire Dedri’s work and talent so much!
Crochet mandala with flower

mandala with flower - overlay crochet

Before starting squaring the Mandala with Flower of Irina enlarged it (as was already described) to 248 stitches on the last round. I have to cross the fingers and hope someone out there will use my Dandelion mandala as a center for Sophie :) Or maybe I will do it myself!

And now let me introduce the works of the best, the most attentive and just fantastic testers in the world! :)

Rebecca Wood (rebs16) used several shades of pink to create her Dandelion square. Together with yellow and apple green it got a very romantic look.

Large mandala square - overlay crochet

Debra Krause (CoudreDuCoeur) used a very nice color combination. And she also replaced dark shades by light which brought a square a very bright and unusual mood.

overlay crochet - Dandelion mandala

And here is a mandala square by Erik McKee (emckee). The color combination repeats my color choice but a slight turquoise accent makes it different, doesn’t it?

crochet mandala with Dandelion

I really-really hope to see more Dandelion mandalas and squares soon. Please, be sure to share the picture of your projects with me.

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