It’s time for Frozen Snowflakes

This year I’ve already released two patterns for Christmas ornaments. It is Starry Dream hanging decorations and Winter Pastels Ball. And together with Starry Day hanging ornament it is a small collection already. But I just cannot stop creating them. This time I thought that I lack a snowflake design. And well, here it is! I am happy to introduce Frozen Snowflake pattern which is available on Ravelry.

As you may probably guess this snowflake is made in overlay crochet technique. It took me a while to figure out how I want it to be. I browsed hundreds of snoflakes pictures and created some 5 or 6 samples before I was satisfied with the final look. I wanted my snowflake to be very structured and full covered with overlaid stitches. But at the same time I was trying to avoid using many colors, so only three will work here.

Concerning colors I would recommend to choose two light (but contrasting) shades for the snowflake’s image (colors C1 and C3) and one dark shade for a background. And stiff yarns will work better for this design. I used my beloved Catania * and hook 2.5 mm (the crocheted fabric should be tight).

I’ve created a set of 6 snowflakes with different colorway for each of them. This set is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

 Frozen Snowflakes can be made one-sided as I made them – with a piece of grey felt on the back, or you can make two snowflakes, join them together and even stuff. And they will wonderfully work as separate hanging decorations for a wall or Christmas tree, or they can also be joined into a garland.

From the very beginning (even before this design was born) I knew I want to decorate my snowflakes with beads. I have absolutely no experience with beading crochet * but since I was planning to use only several beads for each snowflake, I didn’t use them “as I crocheted” but instead added them later – by sewing them on the finished snowflake.

I live in the Czech Republic, in the heaven of beads so I had tons of variants to choose from. But I decided to go for something simple and purchased white transparent beads. They are not visible at the first glance, but when the light goes down on a snowflake in a specific angle, you can see wonderful sparkles.

Do you actually know that every snowflake in the world has its own “pattern” but all of them have six sides! I was very curious why it happens. If you are interested too – you can read this article.

My Facebook followers were the first to see the sneak peek of Frozen Snowflake design. But this week I’ve (finally!!!) created an Instagram account. I don’t know why it took me so long to discover it, I am just a little bit old-fashioned and not very familiar with new technologies. But anyway, now I have my own Instagram and I will post sneak peeks of new designs there. So if you want to be the first who gets all the news – you can follow me.

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