Dancing Owl crochet pattern

Do you like owls? I LOVE them! They look a bit mystery and scary in real life, but it is so much fun to crochet them! I have been thinking of creating my own amigurumi owl design for a veeery long time. I was browsing hundreds of pictures on Pinterest and was carefully growing this idea inside my head. I wanted my owl to look differently from other designs. And I was not pretty sure about the shapes, structure and colors. But one day… One happy day everything was cleared up at once.

Dancing Owl - ovelrlay crochet pattern by LillaBjornCrochet
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I went for a work trip to Sweden in August. My flight was rescheduled and I was forced to come to Sweden one day earlier than was planned. It was a happy fortuity (as I understand it right now) as I got a wonderful chance to take a walk through Stockholm. In the evening I was wondering around the Old Town listening to live music in the cafes, watching people from different countries, looking inside the windows of small gift shops. And in one of the windows I saw a poster with a cute owl drawing. Unfortunately it was too late and the shop was closed already. So I didn’t even get a change to ask for the name of the artist. I hope it’s ok to post a picture like this, maybe someone will recognize it? Is there anyone from Stockholm?

This little owl is so cute, and charming. And I felt like I need to make something like this in crochet!
The “Dancing Owl” pattern is available HERE on Ravelry and HERE on Etsy.
Dancing Owl - ovelrlay crochet pattern by LillaBjornCrochet

I used the same stitch pattern for the body of my Dancing owl as for Wondering Owl pillow (the pattern is available HERE). There are 4 shades of yarn used but you can take more colors. You can actually take leftovers for making the body - a nice way to reduce the stash, isn’t it? ;-)
Dancing Owl - ovelrlay crochet pattern by LillaBjornCrochet

I embroidered the eyes because then this owl can be suitable for babies. And I like how it turned out: as if the owl is listing for the music inside her head and is dancing in her own inner world. And if you suddenly see her dancing - she pretends to be sleeping. :) But you can also take safety eyes to make your owl “awake”.
Dancing Owl - ovelrlay crochet pattern by LillaBjornCrochet

Due to big amount of overlaid stitches, this pattern is aimed to intermediate crocheters. I included lots of progress pictures and a very detailed photo-tutorial on how to embroider owl’s face. If you are an advanced beginner and you are already acquainted with overlay crochet a bit and you are brave enough to learn new things – you can try it out.

This project needs lots of attention and concentration (especially while making the body part) and it is probably not a very good choice for last minutes gifts. But thanks to face embroidery, nice structure of the body and color possibilities – each owl made by you will look unique. And it will make a great present to your relatives and friends. I bet kids will love it! ;-)
Dancing Owl - ovelrlay crochet pattern by LillaBjornCrochet

Both Dancing Olws featured in this post are available for purchase in my Etsy shop HERE and HERE.

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  1. he's beautiful and i like him very much.

  2. Hi
    Your dancing owl is such a sweet one❤️
    Merry Christmas to you
    Sonja xo


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