Birthday in Malmö Blanket: Colors and Yardages

I can finally show you my new blanket. And this feels super-excited. Last week I shared a story of my relationship with the sea and with Malmö (you can read it HERE). I was inspired so much but a wonderful pattern Summer in Swanage (designed by Dedri Uys from Look At What I made), and decided to “tell” my own story about the sea. My blanket is not so bright, and yellow and blue. I chose mute and calm color palette trying to draw the landscape of beach in Malmö with its grey wood and pale green grass. I was drawing the houses and the sea in late August. The time when my birthday is.
My gauge was off from the very beginning as I am not good friends with gauge in general. My blanket turned to be a little bit wider and a little bit longer. It was not easy to take the pictures (because it is so large). And my son was actively helping my husband (you can see 4 feet beneath the blanket's edge). :)

Here are some more pictures of my finished blanket.
Birthday in Malmo blanket by Lilla Bjorn Crochet
 Birthday in Malmo blanket by Lilla Bjorn Crochet
Surprisingly the suburbs of Brno in late November look a little bit like Sweden. You just need to imagine there is the sea right around the corner.

Malmo beach
The largest hook I had before I started to work was 4mm (G). So I had to buy some additional hooks and decided to try Clover Amour*. Highly recommended!! Now I totally understand why Dedri uses it nearly all the time. The stitches slide perfectly on it and the yarn doesn’t split at all.

Dedri made a superb job writing the pattern down. It was very easy to follow, with lots of progress pictures (I don’t even want to think how much time she spent to explain everything – both with written text and the pictures). The putting together part is especially detailed and very helpful if you are not very confident with sewing.
Birthday in Malmo blanket by Lilla Bjorn Crochet
I would only mention a small thing (which is not necessary at all but I am just too crazy about keeping everything in order). In the original pattern there is only one instruction given for sand half-triangles. But I found it helpful to mirror second half-triangle since there is a ridge formed by the row of hdc. This is not really important so much, as the ridge can bring additional charm to the blanket and help to imitate the “sand effect” even better (especially if you put sand triangles together with huts alternating their right and wrong sides).
Birthday in Malmo blanket by Lilla Bjorn Crochet
As I wanted the whole blanket to be in the same color palette, I used the same colors for the sea as for huts and sky. It helped to reduce the yardages and I used only 18 skeins of Colour Crafter* yarn by Scheepjes in total. If you haven't heard about this yarn - please, check my review HERE.

You can now purchase a yarn pack for Birthday in Malmö blanket at Wool Warehouse HERE*. It includes 18 skeins of Colour Crafter yarn along with printed copy of the pattern. Separate skeins can also be found HERE at Paradise Fibers* (US).

Here are the shades and yardages:

1054 Haarlem (55g – 1 skein)
1065 Assen (80g – 1 skein)
1035 Kampen (55g – 1 skein)
1062 Dordrecht (55g – 1 skein)
1710 Ermelo (1 skein)
1064 Veenendaal (1 skein)
1722 Alphen (2 skeins)
1063 Rotterdam (2 skeins)
1218 Zandvort (2 skeins)
1099 Wolvega (3 skeins)
1203 Heerenveen (3 skeins)

Colorway for Birthday in Malmö blanket

Huts: 1054 Haarlem, 1065 Assen, 1722 Alphen, 1035 Kampen, 1099 Wolvega, 1062 Dordrecht

Sandy triangles: Make 5 with 1218 Zandvoort

Sandy half-triangles: Make 2 with 1218 Zandvoort


Rows 1-5. Zandvoort (1218)
Rows 6-11. Ermelo (1710)
Rows 12-16. Veenendaal (1064)
Row 17. Zandvoort (1218)

Waves and Sky:

Rows 18-23. Heerenveen (1203)
Rows 24-29. Heerenveen (1203) and Wolvega (1099)
Rows 30-35. Wolvega (1099)
Rows 36-41. Wolvega (1099) and Alphen (1722)
Rows 42-47. Alphen (1722)
Rows 48-53. Alphen (1722) and Wolvega (1099)
Rows 54-56. Wolvega (1099)
Rows 57-60. Wolvega (1099) and Rotterdam (1063)
Rows 61-72. Rotterdam (1063)
Rows 73-74. Zandvoort (1218)
Rows 75-76. Zandvoort (1218) and Heerenveen (1203)
Rows 77-89. Heerenveen (1203)
Row 90 (edge of the blanket = row 92 in the pattern) – Heerenveen (1203)

Sand below Huts:

Rows 1-3. Ermelo (1710)

Linen Border:

Rnd 1. Assen (1065)
Rnd 2. Veenendaal (1064)
Rnd 3. Rotterdam (1063)
Birthday in Malmo blanket by Lilla Bjorn Crochet
So here it is! If you decide to make Summer in Swanage blanket in my colors – please, share the pictures with me. I would love to see them.

Birthday in Malmo blanket by Lilla Bjorn Crochet
And I am very happy with my new blanket. Now I can keep my own sea and my precious memories... forever :)

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  1. It's beautiful and I love it!

  2. As usual, a wonderful piece of art, done with mastery and passion. The colour palette is perfect too. Well done!! Enjoy your forever piece of ocean. :-)

    1. Thank you! It was not very easy to pick the colors via internet, but I am satisfied with them :)

  3. it's beautiful and i totally agree with your choice of colors, something i would choose also. And how does it felt, as an "addict" to cotton and wool, to work with a 100% acrilyc yarn?

    1. haha :) A very good question! I liked working with acrylic yarn. Colour Crafter is not "itchy", and it doesn't show any pilling so far. My blanket is large but not so heave (in cotton it would be heavier, I think). And acrylic is cheaper than wool or cotton. so for the blankets it is a good choice, I think.

  4. How beautiful! It's a painting made from yarn!

  5. Im naking this right now amd think it's gorgeous BUT I've run out of yarn twi e now, maybe my gauge is off but i havent had enough of the blue or sand for the ombre section :( im fudging slightly but i was a full row short.

    1. Helen please check your gauge. This color way was tested a few times already and yardages are correct. You should have some yarns left.

    2. I had a feeling it was my gauge... Fortunately my lack of yarn isnt noticeable and it still looks great :D

    3. You can absolutely switch the colors in this pattern! Exact colorway is not critical at all :) It's just the sand, and the sea :)

  6. I fell in love with your choice of colours. Reminds me of summers spent at the cottage. I ordered my kit from Wool Warehouse and have just finished sewing my huts together. I absolutely love the way it is working out so far. I can’t wait to finish and snuggle in it. I am not gifting this one lol


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