Kits for Scheepjes CAL 2016 are here!

It is happening today! The kits for Scheepjes CAL 2016 “Last Dance on the Beach” are available for purchase! Will you join this CAL? Have you decided on your dance? Will it be in the sea, in the rain or under the stars? I don’t really remember when I was dancing for the last time. In my past life probably. So I would happily make all three blankets, if I only had time and patience.
Scheepjes CAL 2016 - Last Dance on the Beach - kits

As I mentioned in previous post (please, be sure to check it for all information about the CAL and kits), I have decided to go for Merino Soft yarn. It took me almost forever to choose colours. I am in love with Dance in the Rain, but unfortunately brown and white will not suite the colour palette of my living room very well. So I decided to leave them out, and pick a fewer shades than offered in the kit. I guess I will go for gray’s and blue’s.

But before I came up with this colour way, I was also thinking about making the whole blanket in one colour only. Its structure is very beautiful, and I am sure in will look just gorgeous in one neutral shade. And you don’t really need to calculate the number of skeins. Luxe kit (Merino Soft - review is HERE) contains 39 balls, and Basic kit (Colour Crafter - review HERE) is made up with 14 skeins. So this amount will be absolutely enough to make a blanket.

Update: in case you would like to compose your own color combination, here is exact amount of each shade you need (for both Merino Soft and Colour Crafter):

Merino Soft :
Main Colour x 9 balls
Colour A x 3 balls
Colour B x 5 balls
Colour C x 3 balls
Colour D x 5 balls
Colour E x 2 balls
Colour F x 3 balls
Colour G x 3 balls
Colour H x 3 balls
Colour I x 3 balls
Colour Crafter:
Main Colour x 3 balls
Colour A x 1 ball
Colour B x 2 balls
Colour C x 1 ball
Colour D x 2 balls
Colour E x 1 ball
Colour F x 1 ball
Colour G x 1 ball
Colour H x 1 ball
Colour I x 1 ball

Well, as I will not order the kit, I will not get all the wonderful goodies (beach bag, stitch markers and other). But… you can't always get what you want, right? So I will silently be jealous for those who will get a heaven’s package full of treats.
Scheepjes CAL 2016 - Last Dance on the Beach - kits

Look what a fun picture Scheepjes posted in both groups on Facebook yesterday!! These are actually the kits, ready to be shipped to different parts of the world. I just love to look at this picture and imagine that one of the boxes is for me.
Scheepjes CAL 2016 - Last Dance on the Beach - kits

You can order your own kits via Deramores*, Wool Warehouse* (both ship internationally from UK), Paradise Fibers* (US) and in Scheepjes local shops (Benelux).

I still have several wip’s at the moment which need to be finished, but I will definitely finish them before 20th of April. So that my crochet hook, both my hands and my clear head are ready to start Last Dance on the Beach blanket.

Oh yes, since I will not purchase a kit, there will be no donation made from my order. But I will send 2 euros to Mind (in Marinke Slump's (Wink) name) myself. You can do the same if you wish :)

So... It's only left to make an order and wait for the yarn and for the beginning of the CAL. (I am sooooo excited and can't wait!). to be continued...

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  1. I decided to not make this blanket right now but to donate some of the money i would have spent on the yarn to Mind in name of Marinke

  2. Your decision is very generous. It will definitely help people who have tough time at the moment... thank you so much for supporting the idea of this CAL.

  3. I would absolutely love to crochet this beautiful Afghan Wow! I’m in the middle of three projects and am limiting myself from placing an order. How long will both the pattern and of course yarn be available for purchase? Thank you very much! Lynne

    1. Hi Lynne, the pattern will stay free forever. Maybe kits will not be available for purchase, but you can always purchase separate skeins of yarn, or even put together your own colorway.


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