A Trolley for Yarns and Wip's? Yes!

How many unfinished wip’s do you have at the moment? How many new ideas are on your to-do list? Mine is growing every day. I have several new designs in mind, I also promised to submit several project to different magazines (yay!) and I am also secretly working on one exciting project. My summer seems to become very busy. Together with some traveling and visiting my parents and friends in Belarus.  And this summer seems to give many promises as well. My dreams are coming true! I have finally bought a trolley I was dreaming about for a very long time. It’s from IKEA, it’s called Råskog and it’s aimed to serve in the kitchen. But I will use it to store my current wip’s and yarns I am working with at the moment.
Trolley from IKEA is perfect to store current crochet and knitting wip's and yarns

You know I am a little bit addicted to Sweden in general and everything Swedish. I thought I know everything about local IKEA, but I haven’t paid any attention to this kitchen line before. Before I saw it in use by amazing guys from The Crochet Crowd. They made a lovely video showing this trolley full of yarns and wip’s in action. And I fell in love at once. I have been staring at this trolley for a year already, but it was a bit expensive and I was trying to hold on. But last Sunday I saw it with a very nice discount and… and I bought it immediately, of course!

It was put together yesterday late in the evening and I couldn’t wait to take the pictures and share with you. I really like a turquoise version, but I chose grey instead because it is better for my current interior palette. At the moment it doesn’t look messy at all but I can’t wait to fill it up with all my wip’s up to the ceiling… But the work behind the scenes is a kind of a secret for now. So you can enjoy the tidy look of my new yarns. I will use the upper basket for most recent projects and yarns.
Trolley from IKEA is perfect to store current crochet and knitting wip's and yarns

My squares for Last Dance on the Beach blanket will be kept in the middle basket. And I haven’t decided yet what I will use the bottom basket for. But as life shows baskets and boxes are never enough!
Stone Washed yarn by Scheepjes

Last week I got a new box from Scheepjes full of gorgeous Stone Washed yarns in different shades. I would like to try design something new in tapestry crochet and I think this yarn will be great for this project. I chose 10 shades (and I will use them all!) and now I need to combine them in pairs.

Will it look good, what do you think?
Stone Washed yarn by Scheepjes

Stone Washed is my favourite yarn by Scheepjes. When I crochet with it, I feel like my mind and body are filling with harmony and silent happiness. The projects are growing very fast and the stitch definition is so even. I have already used this yarn for my Windy Morning Shawlette, Floral Ear Muffs and Joana's Mandala.
Stone Washed yarn by Scheepjes

You can read my review about Stone Washed HERE. And you can also have a look and colour chart and purchase this yarn via Wool Warehouse* and Deramores* (both retailers ship orders internationally), Paradise Fibers* (US) or in your local Scheepjes shop.
Stone Washed yarn by Scheepjes
I can’t wait to finish my new design. It will be a free pattern :) And I hope it will turn out just like I imagine it! Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Free pattern is available HERE.

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  1. Oh Tatiana I am jealous!
    I also went to the ikea last Sunday for this trolley,
    but the grey one was sold out....
    I also love the turquoise one,
    but our interieur is black and grey with a little red and orange......

    Looking forward to see what you are doing with the lovely colors
    stone washed!

    1. Jellina you should come to Brno. :) I belive there are several grey still available here.

  2. I have plastic boxes for my wip's, for each project a box. At the moment I have a knitting project, a crochet project and a crossstitch project in progress.
    I'm curious about your new project, tapestry crochet is so beautiful, but I don't like doing it.

  3. I have it too and it is full with wool, things I need when I make a amigurumi. And it keeps everything together. No mess everywhere.


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