T-shirt Yarn in Mini Version

End of the year is almost here. And it’s time to make some analyzing, and conclusions. I believe it’s right time to finish current crochet projects (I feel sooo wonderful when I finally can finish a new wip!). But I think it’s also a good time to start working on something new. So that my beginning of year 2017 is not “empty”.
Mini Nooodle yarn by Scheepjes is a mini version of a regular T-shirt yarn. Review by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

I decided to design something with T-shirt yarn again. And I chose three shades of Mini Nooodles* by Scheepjes. It would be better to say this yarn is a “mini” version of a normal T-shirt yarn you are probably used to work with. The stripes are only 1.5cm wide (approx. ½ in) while regular T-shirt yarn is 2.5cm (1in).
Mini Nooodle yarn by Scheepjes is a mini version of a regular T-shirt yarn. Review by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

10mm (N/P) hook is recommended for Mini Nooodles and I think it’s an optimal size. I have worked with this yarn several times before and used it for my Stepping Stones pouf cover pattern (available in 1st Sea issue of YARN book-a-zine). And also I chose this yarn from my Andromeda rug. And Clover Amour crochet hook 10mm* worked perfectly for both projects.
Stepping Stones crochet pouf cover. Original Design by Lilla Bjorn Crochet
Stepping Stones pouf cover (from YARN boo-a-zine)

Very often I can hear that T-this yarn is difficult to work with. That it’s very hard on hands and you get very tired after a short time of crochet. To be honest I didn’t try regular T-shirt yarn, and I have no opinion here. But I would say Mini Nooodles is just ok!

It’s 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It’s very stretchy and “slippery” if I can say like this. The stitches slide very well on a crochet hook without being stuck. Of course it takes a little bit more efforts to crochet with this yarn, but I personally can crochet for 2 hours in a row with no problems at all.
This Andromeda Rug is crocheted in overlay technique. Designed by Lilla Bjorn Crochet
Andromeda Rug

Mini Nooodles is a super chunky yarn. It comes in skeins of 160g with 80m yardages. The skeins are not very big but it also gives a great opportunity to order exact amount of yarn you will need for your project. I believe I will use 6 skeins for my new design (which will be FREE and soon available here on my blog) – 2 in the following shades: 004, 035 and 259.
Mini Nooodle yarn by Scheepjes is a mini version of a regular T-shirt yarn. Review by Lilla Bjorn Crochet
Wool Warehouse stock a wide range of Mini Noodle yarns by Scheepjes and you can check them HERE*. This yarn is also available in “print” version and in neon shades. This yarn can also be found in your local Scheepjes shops.

I am very excited about my new project and I will keep you updated about how it progresses. UPDATE: UFO pillow free crochet pattern is available HERE.

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  1. I have not tried the ordinary t shirt yarn as I have heard it is hard on the ahnds and I didnt know mini noodles were narrower. I will def be trying and cant wait for your new project :)

    1. I like this yarn a lot. And the colour palette is quite big. I would like to try "print" version as well. I heard it looks wonderful with knitting.


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