Feeling Tropical? New Issue of YARN book-a-zine: review

New issue of YARN book-a-zine by Scheepjes* is here again. This time it’s all about colors and textures. And is called Tropical Issue. My own pouf design was also included together with 14 other crochet, knitting and sewing patterns. Excited? I am!
YARN book-a-zine - Tropical Issue, by Scheepjes

YARN book-a-zine is a publication by Scheepjes which combines the features of a magazine and a book. Impressive style, quality mat paper, perfect pictures and exclusive patterns – it’s all is about YARN. It is released twice a year, always with a new theme. You can check overviews of two previous Sea Issue and Midnight Garden Issue HERE on my blog.

I can’t tell how much excited I am to be a part of this project together with other Scheepjes bloggers – crochet and knit designers and just wonderful and friendly ladies. We, as you, readers, don’t know anything about coming issue of YARN before it’s actually released. We are teased with sneak peeks and are dying to see it all for real. And every time it’s a great surprise.

YARN book-a-zine - Tropical Issue, by Scheepjes
Summer Cover-up by Sarah Knight

New Topical Issue includes 15 crochet, knitting and sewing patterns. But inside you will find more than that. YARN 3 introduces textile artist Kaffe Fassett and designing Studio Roof. You will learn about the art of ribbon embroidery (with a list of recommended books to start mastering this craft) and history of scissors! How many pairs of scissors do you have? Did you know that to obtain a perfect result you should choose a certain type of scissors for every craft? And finally YARN 3 gives an insight into creative personality of Christa Veenstra, a crochet designer behind TheCurioCraftsRoom.
YARN book-a-zine - Tropical Issue, by Scheepjes

My own contribution is a crochet pattern for a Tropical Flower Pouf. Based on a textured mandala design it will add a pop of color to any interior. The pouf is reversible with different order of colors for each mandala on top and the bottom. Practical handles on the sides make it very easy to move the pouf around the place. And of course, the pouf can be made in any color palette! I used Bloom yarn* by Scheepjes, which is also one of my favorites. Being 100% cotton with a nice stiffness it comes in a range of bright and happy shades.
YARN book-a-zine - Tropical Issue, by Scheepjes

I am not going to show you each and every design included into a newest YARN issue (let it be a little surprise, but I can guarantee you will not be disappointed). But I just have to tell about my own favorites.

Pina Colada Shawl by Nerissa Muijs (Miss Neriss)! What do you think? I think it looks fantastic. With simple lines and semi-colored shades. I haven’t seen it in person but I know how Secret Garden yarn looks and feels, and I can just imagine what a joy is to wear this shawl. It’s definitely on my to-do list.
YARN book-a-zine - Tropical Issue, by Scheepjes

Amazon Blanket by Rachele Carmona (Cypress Textiles). Just WOW! I have been following Rachele’s work on Instagram for a while and I am impressed what everything she is able to make with small crochet motifs of different shapes. And at what incredible speed new blankets are born. I am not sure I personally can make anything like this, even following the pattern. As I will probably lack patience to produce so many small pieces and join them together. But I would not mind if someone made this blanket for me as a gift! (dreaming, dreaming…)
YARN book-a-zine - Tropical Issue, by Scheepjes

Want to see more? Tropical Issue of YARN book-a-zine is available in your local Scheepjes stores, at Wool Warehouse* (in UK with international shipping), Knotty House (Canada)* and should be soon available at Loveknitting* (for US only).

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  1. I have crochet for 44 years and never have I seen such beautiful patterns and colors of thread. Thank you for your free patterns. I found the Mandala Purse extremely beautiful and look forward to trying it. I also love the color beach bag with the white handles. Your patterns and yarns would do well in the US. The overlay crochet is new to me and I want to try it. I just went to 2 big name craft stores that don't have pattern near as nice as you. Thanks again.


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