Scheepjes Bloggers Days, and My First Steps in Freeform Crochet

Freeform crochet is something I have been observing for a very long time. If you open the web you will see enormous number of shawls, bags, cardigans, hats… anything! Made in freeform crochet. It is a truly unique way to express yourself, as no pattern is needed. And you just follow the sound of your soul. Though there are no strict rules, I have noticed that some shapes and stitches are repeated often, and I have always wanted to try them out. And the concept of freeform crochet in general.

Do you dream of something? Then there is a chance your dreams will come true one day. And that happened to me. At the moment I am sitting at the Copenhagen airport, after an impressively creative weekend spent with my blogger friends at Scheepjes HQ in the Netherlands. Yes, that was another Bloggers Days time full of fantastic yarns, lots of crochet, learning and… laugh. I am in love with these ladies! They all are true inspiration!
From left to right: Maria, Jellina, Carmen, Esther, Tammy, Esther, Susan, Dedri, Christa, Nerissa, me (wearing Kirsten's Stormy Day shawl), Kirsten. Photo credit: Scheepjes

I could go for a walk down in Copenhagen center or could take an immediate train to Malmö. But instead I decided to sit down for a few hours, and to write this blog post. To share my feelings and impressions about the people I met, and new things I’ve learnt.
Maria, Tammy and Carmen are discussing spinning

The agenda of Bloggers Days was known in advance and I was very looking forward to both workshops: a chart making by Kirsten of Haak Maar Raak. And freeform crochet by José Dammers. You may know Kirsten’s work already, she creates very stylish designs full of color and geometry. And she is also the designer behind latest Scheepjes CAL – Hygge.
José Dammers, Christa, Susan and Dedri

And José Dammers was a new name to me, I have not seen her work before. And when I saw it – I could not really believe she started to crochet just 2 years ago. And from the very beginning she looked into freeform crochet. I had a chance to see her stunning shawls and bags for real. And also her recent art objects – crochet portraits of David Bowie and Frida Kahlo. Don’t they look amazing? You should check out José's Instagram page HERE for more beautiful projects.
Frida Kahlo's portrais by José Dammers

Guess who is behind the crochet face in the picture below. A small hint – she is a veeeeeeery known blogger. And a fantastic crochet designer. And you know her for sure!
Photo credit: Tammy of Canadutch

(Ok! It’s Dedri Uys)

After an introduction we were invited to try freeform crochet ourselves. To make a test sample (which can absolutely grow into a finished crochet project in the end) you need five different yarns in several shades. In close or contrast shades – it doesn’t matter, but the key idea is to use yarns in different weights and with different texture: thick, fluffy, lace. Anything!
Scheepjes Bloggers practicing at freeform crochet :)

You also need a special kind of a crochet hook to complete bullion stitches. Because I only had a hand luggage I didn’t dare to bring one on the airplane, as it reminded me of a surgery instrument. And I was afraid I would not be allowed to bring it onboard. Want to know how much time it took me to master bullion stitch? I am not sure myself, but it felt like forever! Other ladies were very excited too. And we didn't really pay much attention to anything around us... Just look at the table after an hour of "practice"...

What else do you need for a freeform crochet? Nothing! No pattern, no rules, no right and no wrong. Just the mood. Which you should follow with your hands. For my highly organized nature it was not easy at all to switch off and not to think about stitch count or gauge. The only important thing is that your motifs should stay flat. In my opinion freeform crochet artists have achieved a certain level of freedom of mind. And I am making tiny step towards it.

And here is lucky Carmen together with José.
Photo credit: Scheepjes

Anyway. I have finished my first freeform motif! A good start I think. And now I am dreaming about making a shawl in this technique. And as I know already, if you are dreaming your dreams come true at some point. Time for a cup of coffee. Next week is all mine. It’s time for me and for the sea. I might be not in touch for a while. But promise to come back sooooon.

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  1. Love to read your stuff whatever it's about. It's just about you and how you see the world and I like your perspective. Say hello to the sea.


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