Skies: new vegan yarn from Scheepjes

What can be better than yarn? Right! Better than yarn can be only new yarn. As you probably know, I collaborate with Scheepjes, a Dutch yarn company, and as an early bird I receive samples of new yarns to try, test and maybe design something. Today I would like to share my thoughts about Skies yarn. It was released a while ago, and I even got a chance to work on a large wip already. But somehow I only came to this review now.

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Skies is 100% cotton yarn which comes in two different weights: “Light” (fingering, 4ply) and “Heavy” (DK/light worsted). And in 9 gorgeous semi-solid colors. It is a full range of blue, coming from dark purpl-ish, through regular denim blues and ending with very light shades. And this range is accompanied with green and mustard-yellow. Creating the look of a “perfect storm”.

Skies yarn is unique in many ways. First of all it comes in hanks, and not in skeins or balls. Even hanks with the same numbers can slightly differ in color, giving the feel of the hand dyed yarn.

You can either rewind hanks into balls by hands, or using a yarn winder. Together with Skies yarn a brand new wooden winder was released by Scheepjes. And I was lucky to receive it as a gift and try it out.

Because I have never winded hanks before it took me a while to understand how it works and how the tension should be adjusted. My first cake didn’t turn out very neat. But the second one was a success.

If you are interested, you can check a review written by my friend Kirsten of Haak Maar Raak. She used Scheepjes winder to rewind Whirl cake.

Regular hanks in both weights are 100g. But you can also purchase a yarn pack with mini (28g) hanks* – and full range of colors. They come in a cute box. Just a perfect gift for your yarnie friend.

Another interesting fact about Skies yarn is that it’s all natural and “vegan”. It’s been dyed with a natural dye. Yes, even the green and yellow shades! For my recent project I’ve used 10 hanks of Skies in total now (and more yarn will be used). And I’ve noticed that it leaves paint on the fingers. I’ve not washed my wip yet, but I would definitely do it very carefully. And will probably use a color catcher.

My current wip is a top secret yet, so I can only show you back side... But it will be mosaic :)

As already mentioned, Skies yarn by Scheepjes comes in two weights: fingering (100g/370m) and DK/light worsted (100g/170m). Can you see the difference in hte picture below? Both versions can be combined with solid shades: Cotton 8* and Cahlista*.

3mm hook is recommended for Light version, but I would say 3.5mm hook* works better, as Skies yarn is a bit stiff (because it’s cotton), and larger hook gives a better drape.

Anuradha Mukherjee, Laura Jackson and Faye used Skies yarn for my latest Berg shawl design. In combination with Catona* and Cotton 8 yarns. Aren’t their samples stunning? Check all details about colors and yardages on Ravelry.

Skies yarn is available in your local Scheepjes shop and via online retailers:

Wool Warehouse*, Black Sheep Wools* (both in UK with international shipping)
Caro’s Atelier* (NL and Europe)
Taemombo* (Canada and US), Knotty House* (Canada)

I guess it will take me months to finish my current Skies wip. It’s huge and slow. But I am enjoying working on it.

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  1. Which brand of Colour Catcher do you use?

    1. Hello! I haven't used any color catcher yet, but I am sure you can find all information online. I also heard some people use vinegar to stop colors from running... It should be used in certain proportions with water.

  2. I just love your work.I already bought the skies yarn, but still waiting for that very special pattern. Maybe I'll start with the Berg shawl, but still have to finish my Fjell cardigan. So little time and so much beatiful things to make, (sigh) 😊💖

    1. Fjell is a nice project to practice mosaic crochet. and after your cardigan is finished, you'll make Berg shawl in no time :)

  3. Hello Tatiana. Do you think the Skies yarn is okay to use for the Fjell Cardigan? Thanks, greetings from Belgium, Vera

    1. Hello Vera, yes, I would think so. I know some poeple are using Skies for Fjell cardigan,

  4. Crikey, Tatsiana ! - there's no end to your crocheting talent ! :)

    1. Thank you! I am just doing what I love to do :)


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