Celestia Blanket: with Love to Mosaic Crochet

It has been long since we talked about mosaic crochet (check my latest Ocean Time Mandala pattern), and here is a new pattern again! Well, technically Celestia Blanket is not a new one, as it was released as a CAL in a Crochet Now magazine back in 2020. But now it is available as a stand-alone pattern.
This crochet pattern was exclusively designed for Crochet NOW magazine
photo credit: Practical Publishing

The pattern is available via website HERE and Ravelry HERE.
You might think I am a bit obsessed with mosaic crochet, and you will be right. When Jenny, an editor for Crochet Now magazine, approached me three years ago with an idea of designing a CAL for them, I knew it would have meant to be something mosaic. Why? Because the technique is so simple, and the finished fabric is so very effective. Every single time.

Celestia blanket is about hexagon motifs, each with a new mosaic stitch pattern. I’ve been experimenting with different shapes and hexies is one of my favourite, too. So, Celestia is a mix of several loves of mine which met together in one blanket.

photo credit: @evakobz

We decided to bring the blanket in two colourways – both with Scheepjes yarns. The original version was designed with 100% premium acrylic Colour Crafter yarn, and we used gentle pastel shades together with bright icy white.

To be honest, in the beginning I was a bit sceptical about this color scheme, as pinks and baby blues are absolutely out of my comfort designing zone. But when all motifs were finished and joined together, I fell in love! And so fell in love ALL my friends who saw the blanket before it was shipped to a publisher. It looks very soft, and gentle, and fragile. A true Celestia look, whatever it means :)

photo credit: @evakobz

For the second colorway I was asked me to pick yarn and colors myself, and because I am a big fan of Scheepjes Metropolis, I chose this yarn. In dramatic graphite gray for the main color and rainbow splash for a contrast. 

photo credit: @evakobz

This sample was a bit of a challenge, as I didn’t make it myself. Several lovely ladies kindly agreed to help me test the pattern, each of them made motifs with one contrast color, and Jenny joined them and added a tiny lace border. So I haven’t seen the finished blanket until the very end. I was hoping the colors would play together nicely, but the final result turned out even better than I expected! Love it, too.

photo credit: @evakobz

Despite difference in weight (DK for Colour Crafter and fingering for Metropolis), I decided to use the same hook size (4 mm) and gauge for both blankets. And they are exactly the same size – approx. 125 cm x 165 cm.

Mosaic crochet uses very basic crochet stitches, but sometimes their placement might be tricky. Celestia blanket pattern comes with full row-by-row written instructions and charts. If you want additional support while working on Celestia, be sure to join my Facebook group.

photo credit: @evakobz

As already mentioned, Celestia blanket was exclusively designed for Crochet Now magazine, and now it is also available as a stand-alone pattern via website HERE and Ravelry HERE
Please, note, that instructions are only in English with either US or UK crochet terms. You will receive an e-book with row-by-row written text and the charts. I have also created several video tutorials explaining how to read the crochet chart, how to work from the chart with the yarn and hook and how to the motifs into a finished blanket.

Scheepjes Colour Crafter version
Photo credit: Practical Publishing

There are still some ready kits available for the Celestia Blanket. If you want to purchase on, I would be very grateful if you use one of the links below. They are affiliate and I might be compensated with a tiny amount from each sale while you will not pay anything extra: Wool Warehouse (UK, international shipping), Taemombo (US & Canada).
photo credit: @evakobz

Because international shipping is still limited at the moment with COVID restrictions, please, also check with your local Scheepjes stockists to see if they carry yarns and colors. Find a complete list of materials below.

Colour Crafter* version:

7x Barneveld (1005)
2x Texel (1019)
2x Den Bosch (1241)
2x Coevorden (1823)
1x Assen (1065)
1x Wolvega (1099)

Metropolis* version:

11x Miami (069)
3x Marseille (019)
3x Lima (055)
3x Abu Dhabi (032)
2x Quebec (077)
2x Tehran (036)

Can’t wait to see your beautiful creations! If you share them online, please use hashtag #Celestiablanket and #designedbylillabjorn.

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  1. Es hermosa tu manta, yo estoy intentando familiarizarme con el crochet mosaico. Me encantaría poder aprender a realizarlo pero mi idioma es solo el español, vivo en Argentina, y aquí no vemos estos trabajos. Sigo tu blogs, gracias por todo

  2. I wouldlove to join in on this CAL, a beautiful blanket.

  3. Is there another way to obtain the pattern??? I don't see why I have to go to the expense of a mag that I'm not interested in. Can one not obtain the pattern on Ravelry? as it is a CAL of sorts.

    1. Hi Edith, Celestia Blanket was designed exclusively for Crochet Now magazine and so far is only available there.

    2. If Crochet Now wants to have an exclusive on a pattern they should give it more space in the issues and do some picture tutorials. This is not a good representation of their magazine. I'm not impressed.

  4. i tryed to jpin it to do ony to be disapointed by having to buy the mag witch i can not aford so that lets me out . enjoy for thoes of you that can get the mad and do it

  5. Hi Tatsiana, I live in Belgium. Can I also order the magazine? It is not entirely clear to me how to do that. And where do the following parts of the cal appear? Thank you

    1. Each part of the CAL is printed in a series of magazines. I think it started in issue 54 or 55. The next part was in issue 56,then will be in 57,and so on.
      I live in the states and had to download a magazine app and purchase it thru there. But I didn't get the free CAL pack because they wouldn't ship overseas. Make sure you get your free kit if you sign up for a Crochet Now subscription.

  6. Beautiful blankets! Do you know how many issues the pattern will be spread out in?

  7. Is there any chance of you doing each part in a how to video?

  8. Hello,
    I did get the magazine subscription. I ordered my yarn from the UK, paid overseas shipping. But I am having the hardest time trying to do the first element. I don't know if it's me or what, but this is the first time I feel I need a video tutorial. Even closeup pictures of every element?
    Is there any help for those who went to the expense for the subscription and purchased the yarn because people outside the country did not get the free kit, and paid extra shipping?
    I have never given up on a pattern before but I actually threw my hands up in the air tonight.
    Super frustrated.
    I'm with you Anonymous,how to videos would be great.

  9. What a beautiful design again, Tatsiana!

    As many others I would love to join this CAL. After an investigation I was quite surprised about the way it is organized. It seems to be that it is only meant for the happy rich and/or those who live in the UK.
    It is quite a difference and new for me after 5 years of loving, joining and making your designs.

    I hope future designs will be accessible in the way you use to publish them.

    A LillaBjornCrochet FAN <3

  10. I am anxiously waiting for Feb to arrive and begin with CAL , love all your patterns your are a great designer!

  11. Hi I live in Australia, I am a member of purchasing Crocheting Now. There was not enough books so I missed out on issues 54, 55, 56, 57. We can not reorder the missing issues due to covid19 and I have tried by the info in the current issue also. It is possible to get these missing issues so I can make this blanket. TY

    1. Hi Belinda, I cannot share the patterns with you as I don't own copyright for them. I would advise you to contact magazine directly. I am sure they will sort it out. Maybe they can send you digital copy of missing issues?


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