New Adventure with Metropolis Cutie Pack

I have to say I am a bit addicted to yarn. Addicted to high quality, beautiful yarn. I have a few skeins in my stash which I will probably never use. Just because I love the feeling of owing them. And keep them behind glass doors for happy eyes. Scheepjes Metropolis yarn is one of my ever favorites. I have already used it for several designs, but surprisingly I have not written any review. Yet. The time has come I think.

Scheepjes Metropolis yarn in 10g mini skeins

A while ago I received a pack of Metropolis mini balls from Scheepjes. I had this yarn in my stash already, and I had a few design ideas for it. And I also had a handy shade card with all the colors. But I just could not resist having a box of those cute mini skeins. And I’ve also got an idea of designing something using all (or almost all) colors. 

Scheepjes Metropolis yarn pack

When the box arrived, it didn’t have a chance to stay unpacked even for a minute (though, secretly I was hoping to just keep it forever, haha). Ohhh, how cute those tiny balls are! And all those colors! I could hardly breathe looking at them. 

Metropolis cutie pack

Just to give you an idea of Scheepjes Metropolis yarn, it’s a fingering (very soft) weight wool blend. The composition is 75% Merino extra fine and 25% Nylon and it was first introduced to market as sock yarn with a pair of socks hand knit in all gorgeous colors. 

In my opinion, this yarn is too fine and too soft for socks, and I would rather use it for shawls and garments. With knit the fabric is light as a feather. And in crochet (especially after blocking) the fabric is very drapey as well.

First time I used Metropolis for my Metropolis Cardigan (yeah, I know… A very “creative” name for the pattern, haha). The next garment I designed with Metropolis yarn was Copenhagen Cardigan

Copenhagen Cardigan crochet pattern

And just a few weeks ago I also released a Helios Mandala pattern which uses Metropolis yarn in combination with Spirit (incredibly soft cotton acrylic blend with a gentle fluff). And Laura of @Taemombo took a challenge and completed a lap blanket with Helios mandalas, which I can’t stop to admire. 

Helios Blanket

When I think of Metropolis, it’s not only about high quality composition and softness, but also about amazing 80 colors! Each one is slightly heathered and carries three shades. 

After reading this you might think I am a big fan, and yep – I am. For a while I had this dream of using ALL Metropolis colors in one design. And I have started to put this idea to life already. I have made a good progress, and will make sure to share it with you next week. 

And in a meanwhile you can check Metropolis yarn in your local Scheepjes stores, or via online retailers: 

Wool Warehouse* and Black Sheep Wools* (UK, please check shipping guidelines before placing your order, as there might be limitations due to COVID situation)
Taemombo (US & Canada) 

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  1. Gosh the colours are just soooo pretty!! I love the pictures you took

  2. Scheepjes yarns are difficult to find in Sweden. 😔
    I love to touch and feel yarn before I buy it.


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