Not a Christmas CAL. Week 4: Mug Wrap

Hello and welcome to part 4 of the Not a Christmas Mystery crochet-a-long. Todays week is the last one and I hope you had fun with this little adventure. Today we will be making a mug wrap in mosaic crochet. And the set of all four festive decorations will be completed. 

Maybe you have already heard about this technique, and it will be not something new to you. Recently there is much talking about mosaic crochet everywhere. You can see lots of self-published patterns and designs in magazines all over the world. 

My own mosaic adventure started three years ago when Nya Mosaic blanket was created. It’s a colorful fun pattern which gives perfect introduction into the basics of technique. You can find it HERE on my blog. And also, there is an infinity version HERE

Mug Wrap is a tiny mosaic sample with rhombus stitch. You can use just two or more colors, and you can also adjust the length as you need. The pattern includes a detailed formula on how to du that. So theoretically, you can use the same stitch pattern even for a blanket! 

For my gift set of wraps I used main color (one 10g skein of Catona yarn) in combination with leftovers in three contrast shades. I have noticed that ombre contrasting shades look the best in this design. But you can of course try and go crazy colorful! 

You can easily adjust the length of the wrap, but no its height. So please choose the mug at least 9cm/3 ½ in tall, or taller. 

And just because we are talking about the mugs, I must show you a new arrival to my modest collection. I was gifted a new mug from this year’s Scheepjes limited edition. Scheepjes turned 165 years! How lovely this mug it is? 

 It comes with a number. A pure joy for true collectors. 

If you purchased Not a Christmas CAL on Ravelry already, the last pattern has been added to your library. And if you don’t own the pattern yet, you can purchase it HERE. The price includes all four parts (brioche bauble, tapestry blanket coaster, overlay snowflake garland and todays mug wrap) and you will receive them at once. 

And because all parts have been published already, I have added this CAL to Etsy today! You can find the listing HERE. It's available with a special reduced price through December 31, 2020.

And if you are looking for the same yarn I used, Scheepjes Catona cutie packs as well as individual skeins (in 10g, 25g and 50g) are available in your local Scheepjes shops and via online retailers:

Wool Warehouse* and Black Sheep Wools* (both in UK, international shipping)

Caro's Atelier* (NL, Europe)

Taemombo (US and Canada)

I hope you had fun with this mini crochet-a-long and learned something new along the way! Wishing you Happy Holidays!
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