Mosaic Craziness in Progress

Do you remember cute Scheepjes Softfun mini packs I showed you last week? I have been swatching with them nonstop and something started to take its shape. Still not much to see, but at least I can already share my idea with you. It will be a square. In mosaic crochet. In perfect size for a pillow. 

Mosaic crochet square

My initial idea was to create a patchwork style something. As always, I wanted to add a bit of challenge, so that this is not about simple rows of mosaic again. 

The pillow will begin with a central square (I have it done, and the size is approx. 20cm across), and then there will be two borders added, with eight short mosaic stripes. Each with two new colors. 

Mosaic crochet square

At the moment I am using colorway Rich. And I should say it is quite a challenge, as there are several reds and several greens. Clay and dusty purple colors were chosen for the center, and now I am trying to arrange the rest of the color nicely. 

We also have several blues and gorgeous mustard shade in this pack. So I am hoping for the unusual accents! 

Patchwork style in crochet

One of the challenges for designing with small packs of yarn with pre-picked colors is that: a) you can’t change colors or add new, and b) the balls are tiny and different styles of crochet and gauges should be taken into consideration. 

In other words, the yarn should be enough for everyone. After a few unlucky attempts, I am on a good track, I think. The colors look kind of crazy together right now, but the entire design is changing with every new stripe added. I love the colorful look and cannot wait to have it finished! 

Scheepjes Softfun mini pack

I guess I should go down to 3mm hook for the next pillow (colorway Cloud this time), just to make sure the yardages are enough, the stitches are neat, and the fabric is dense. 

Scheepjes Softfun mini pack
Scheepjes Softfun mini pack


Choose your own Softfun mini pack in your local Scheepjes shop, or via online retailers:

Woolwarehouse* (UK, international shipping)

Caro's Atelier* (NL, Europe)

Taemombo (Canada and US)


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  1. A FANTASTIC CUSHION. As always congratulations Tatsiana and thank you for sharing your creations. Kind regards from Argentina. Silvana


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