Like a Kelim Pillow – reveal

Do you remember my designing challenge from the last few weeks? It’s finally completed! And it turned out to be a mosaic square with a perfect size to fit 50 cm/20” pillow. The pattern will be released as a mini make-a-long with the first part published here on my blog next Friday. 

As you probably remember, I fell in love with Softfun mini packs by Scheepjes. Those are tiny 20g skeins in 12 pre-selected colors, and you can choose from several packs. I had Rich and Cloud colorways at hand. And testers (Laura Jackson and Esther Schippers) used Rainbow and Jewel to show you other color options. 

This design was a huge challenge as I needed to solve several tasks: 

1. Design something just in right size for all colors to be used, so that not too much and not too little yarn is left in the pack. 

2. Combine colors nicely. Mosaic crochet as well as overlay and probably all other technique which work with several shades at the same time, is pretty tricky in terms of color placement. What looks nice in skeins side by side, might not be as nice when worked into mosaic, and even less nice together with other elements in same mosaic but different colors. 

I should say I had to frog a few times and play around until I was satisfied with the finished piece. And here is how my new baby design looks. 

It reminds of the Kelim rugs. I had several hand-woven rugs like that at my home in the past. In various bright colors. My interior taste changed a lot over the past few years, but I stayed faithful to Kelims. So, I have two of them at home now, but in earthy monochrome colors. 

You can find several mosaic designs on my blog, but this time I decided to play with the shapes a bit. And make a square in a patchwork style. 

First, the central square is finished, and then two mosaic borders are added around it, each of them consisting of 4 stripes. And each stripe has two contrast shades in it. Such a crazy splash of colors! 

The pattern will include exact placement of each color, if you would like to recreate the same project as mine. But you are also free to move and change shades according to your taste. 

Laura’s work is a great example of how the same mini pack of yarn can end up in two differently looking project. One of the squares combine the same shades together in each stripe, and another one is very random. And both look fantastic. What you think? 

Photo credit: Laura Jackson (taemombo)

First part of the pattern will be released next Friday. And in a meanwhile you can have a look at Softfun mini packs and choose one for yourself. They are available at local Scheepjes shops as well as via online retailers:

Woolwarehouse* (UK, international shipping)

Caro's Atelier* (NL, Europe)

Taemombo (Canada and US) 

See you next Friday!




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  1. Is it terribly hard? I'm usually up for a challenge but this may be beyond even my wishes.

    1. It's not hard at all! Basic crochet stitches. And I will provide you with row-by-row written instructions and progress pictures. No need to be afraid :)

    2. You are by far the best pattern writer always clear and with stunning designs! Thank you!

  2. Such a gorgeous design and perfect size too! Will the pattern and the MAL be available for free?

  3. Hi! I wanted to know for one pillow, do you make two of the squares and then seam together? And does that mean the entire Softfun pack is used up for the two squares? Or do we crochet the front and then find a backing fabric or something else to complete a pillow? The information is probably out there but I don't think I've seen it. Thank you.

    1. One pack is enough for only one square. And you can stitch it by hand on the ready fabric pillowcase.

  4. Why do we leave a 40cm tail at the end of each section?

    1. Please, ignore those tails. First I meant them to be used for slipstitching, but then decided to make slip stitches all in one color. you can shorten those tails and weave them in.

  5. Hello. Thank you for this wonderful pattern. When I try to download Part 2 it says it is Part 3

  6. I love it, can’t wait to start. Only have to choose the color pack.

  7. Wat een prachtig patroon.ik kan niet helemaal ontdekken welk voorbeeld met Jewel is gemaakt.


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