Embossed Daisy Collection

My work has been under major influence of the Scandinavian design, with simple shapes and mute colors. And if you follow me for a while, you have probably noticed that recently I have created more monochrome patterns with delicate texture. And today’s new release is not an exception. I am happy to introduce an Embossed Daisy Collection.

This collection consists of two patterns with similar floral design: a mandala and a square. Both patterns are worked in an embossed crochet technique, which is both simple and effective.

You can grab your own copy on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE. The patterns are available with a 20% introductory discount, which is valid through Monday, May 1. No codes are needed, as patterns have been discounted already. 

In embossed crochet, only usual crochet stitches are used to create highly textured fabric. And what is even more wonderful, the back side often (if not always) looks as good as the front.

My samples were made with aran weight yarn and used as a cushion. However, these patterns give many more possibilities. The Mandala will create a wonderful textured placemat or trivet. And the square, made with finer yarn and smaller hook, will become a nice block for a blanket. Both projects will look the best with solid single color. 

Being in crochet for almost my entire life (at least 35 years now), I have tried many different techniques. Tunisian crochet is still on my wish list to master, but otherwise I am not aware of any crochet method I have not tried already. In fact, it is always a combination of general stitches. Like the same notes are used to create different styles of music, and the same letters are used to write the books. 

Various techniques are one direction I have been thinking about crochet. But then, we have different types of crochet, I believe. Based on the level of difficulty. And then I would categorize crochet projects as intricate, mindless… and satisfying. 

I just love this word “satisfying” as it gives a feeling of what crochet is when the pattern is very easy to follow, and you get aesthetic pleasure with every new row or round. 

If you have tried any of the Lilla Bjorn’s patterns, you might know that they are mostly intricate. I love to create unique designs but also aim for easy-to-follow instructions with progress pictures, and sometimes video tutorials. My designs are usually multicolored, too. 

Recently, I have been thinking that it would be wonderful to create more relaxing designs. Maybe not completely mindless (we have many mindless crochet projects to choose from), but easy-to-follow and truly satisfying. 

With every new pattern release, I am reflecting on how it was accepted, and which trends are dominating in the crochet world right now (and no surprise, that they are changing all the time, like what is happening in the fashion or interior design). 

I also follow the trends in the knitting world and try to introduce them to my crochet work as well. With my new Embossed Daisy Collection, I have tried to bring the trends and easiness together, for a quick and satisfying result. 

And just a reminder, you can grab both patterns on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE.

Hope you enjoy! 


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  1. Please don't abandon brioche crochet. I've been waiting and hoping for another brioche blanket.


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