Airy Fairy Cardigan and slow living…

Do you make resolutions for every new year? I’m truly convinced that once my thoughts and intentions are written down, I will never happen to follow them. So, I never set any plans for a year, and never note them down. Though, of course, the end of the year, with long winter evenings and lack of daylight, creates this special mental space for rethinking and reevaluating what has been done. And where to move. 

I would not call it a resolution, but this year I decided to slow down. And I mean it in many ways. 

It feels like my current inner space is very much in the mood with the concept of slow living. Not that I am trying to introduce it into my life (and probably it is not possible now), but I feel like I need more time to spend with myself, my inner circle of people, and with nature. 

We have recently moved to the house in the suburb of the city, and I enjoy planning the garden, watching the birds from my window, and taking care of the plants. You can say, it’s just ageing, but I would say it is a slow transformation of how you accept yourself and the world around you. 

You might know that I am a huge admire of Scandinavia and slow living is exactly what I feel when I come and visit my friends in Sweden. In Sweden, they have their own concept of Lagom, but the basic principles are just the same: breathe deeply, find a balance in your life, don’t ask for more and be happy with what you have. Stop running and spinning. Look around and enjoy the moment. 

Ok, maybe this is really the ageing, when in 40+ you start rethinking priorities in your life. But why not? 

The concept of slow living includes several philosophies, and one of them is simplicity. 

It can start with decluttering of the house, reducing the amount of “digital noise”, and surprisingly, it can also be translated into the simplicity of crochet. 

Well, in fact, crochet itself can be counted as an element of the slow living. I do not know what about you, but for me, the best time of the day is when I can stay alone and crochet for hours. Ideally somewhere in the wild, on the seashore or a lonely balcony with no other people around. 

Slow living concept has also grown the roots into fashion industry. It is about simple shapes, calm colors and comfort. 

I am not an experienced crochet garment designer, though I already have quite a few sweaters and cardigans in my personal library. My aim is to contribute more patterns to “slow living” crochet design. 

And I hope that today’s release of the Airy Fairy Cardigan will become a nice contribution! 

You can find the pattern on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE and enjoy the 25% introductory discount (no codes needed). It is valid through Monday, May 29th, 2023. 

The cardigan is designed to fit with approx. 5cm/2in of positive ease at the bust. It is worked seamlessly from top down. First yoke is worked in rows to separation for body and sleeves. Then the lower body is worked in rows to the bottom. Sleeves are designed as ½ length, and they are worked top down. The length of the body and sleeves is easily adjustable. 

The cardigan has a comfortable raglan shape for the sleeves, a beloved V-neck and generous yoke depth. For a deep breath!

Made with Scheepjes Organicon yarn (100% soft organic cotton), it has a perfect textured stitch definition and is very pleasant against the skin. What to wish more for the cool summer evenings.

Organicon yarn is available in your local Scheepjes store, or via online retailers: Wool Warehouse* (UK, international shipping), Caro's Atelier* (NL, Europe), Taemombo (US and Canada).

The pattern comes in eight sizes to fit the actual but of 81-137cm/32-54in. It contains row-by-row written instructions and detailed video tutorial explaining how to make every part of the cardigan. 

Hope you enjoy! 

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  1. It would Look Lovely in a gold sparkley yarn!

  2. Hello Is there a way to make this a closed front sweater?


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