Attaching new yarn

The majority of projects in overlay crochet are made with color changes on almost every row and round. When crocheting in rows it is not so difficult to attach new yarn (and to change the colors). But it might be tricky when crocheting in rounds.

There are many ways to attach new yarn: with a “standing” sc (single crochet stitch), dc (double crochet stitch) or slip stitch. But I personally prefer one method which helps to avoid unstable knots and makes the joining sections invisible.

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New yarn is attached by simply pulling a loop of new color in the indicated stitch and making a ch, which will count as the first sc of the round, or ch2 which will count as the first hdc or dc (unless otherwise stated in the patterns).

If you choose this method for starting every new round you should also finish it with a needle join (NJ). The whole idea is that though first ch1 (or ch2) is counted as the first sc (or hdc, dc) – it is still not sc, but a chain stitch. And this is Needle Join that makes it  a “normal” sc with front and back loops.

Please, check here the instructions on how needle join should be made. I use the crochet hook instead of a needle to join the rounds.

If you attach new yarn with this method and master needle join – your crocheted piece will look very neat and you will always have a perfect stitch count on every round!

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  1. Wow! I had never liked how most directions have you change colors at the start of a new round and have always just never been satisfied with how a whole piece looked because I the new color joins always jumped out at me. Now I use this technique of using a needle join at the end of EVERY round I make now even if I’m using the same yarn and color on the next round and I must say that after over 50 years of crocheting I have known the awesome pleasure of looking at a completed circular piece and just felt it looked perfect! VOILA!


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