Crocheted Strap for a Bag: not stretchy and holding its shape

Are you tired of having a saggy bottom of your crocheted bags? Are you tired of the crocheted straps on your bags stretching out so much that your shoulder bag now hits your knees as you walk? Then keep reading and I’ll show you a quick fix to prevent it. :)

Loopy Flower Tutorial

I’ve been practicing Loop Stitch a lot recently. I wanted to make a nice birthday present for my friend and I finally finished it today, but haven’t taken any pictures so far. I will do it in coming days and share my loopy happiness with you.

While working on this project a new idea came to my mind. An idea of small loopy flower. And I designed it at once :) Here are instructions and photo tutorial. I really hope you will like it. And use it in your own projects. I think it can be a nice flower brooch with a safety clasp, or just a flower appliqué for clothes, bags… curtains :)

How do you join and weave yarn tails in?

Weaving yarn tail in can be really boring. I don’t like doing it either. But I have found a very easy way to do it "as you go": to crochet and to weave ends in at the same time!

Invisible Join in Crochet
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