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Today I decided to publish a very special post. For me personally it has a huge significance. It is almost one month since the last clue for my Circles of the Sun CAL was published. Many of you participated in it and I thank you very much for staying with me till the end. Every day I see new wonderful finished projects made with the squares from this CAL. And these are not only the pillows. I feel very inspired to see new color combinations and how creative and skillful, and patient you are! So I decided to gather a very small collection of finished projects and share it with you today. Maybe it will help you in case you haven’t decided yet what to do with your own Circles of the Sun. Or maybe you will get inspired and start a new project right away. :)

Circles of the Sun CAL was about making a pillowcase. And of course there were lots (and lots) of pillows made and pictures shared both on Facebook and in my Ravelry group. Thank you very much once again. Here are just a couple of examples of what you did.

Two wonderful pillows made by Carolyn King.

Circles of the Sun pillow by Carolyn King

A beautiful pillow by Lone Jensen.

Circles of the Sun pillow by Lone Jensen

Two pillows by Munise Cosgan, with similar color palette but still very different.

Circles of the Sun pillows by Munise Cosgan

A pillowcase by Christine Sanderson. She decided to use a spare single duvet to fill it (instead of normal pillow). It will save storage space in the cupboard and be a great cushion on the spare bed. This is a brilliant idea, isn’t it? And if zoom in the picture of this pillowcase, you will see that Christine used a tip No holey corners to fill the holes in the corners of granny squares with trebles. And she also made a fantastic blanket using Circles of the Sun squares!

Circles of the Sun pillow and blanket by Christine Sanderson

Here is one more stunning blanket by Cille Heckenbach.

Circles of the Sun blanket by Cille Heckenbach

Pillows and blankets are far not the only possibilities to use granny squares. Look at this gorgeous bag made by Monika Künneth.

Circles of the Sun bag by Monika Kunneth

And here is another bag by Anne Brenner. Anne combined Circles of the Sun squares to make back and sides of the bag together with a squared up Sophie’s Mandala by Dedri Uys as a front part.

Circles of the Sun bag by Anne Brenner

Kjersti Lundmark Daae thought of small cute potholders made with 4 squares and a lining crocheted in rows with double crochet stitches (US terms).

Circles of the Sun potholders by Kjersti Lundmark Daae

And Yvonne Nerhkorn has created a beautiful chair cushion with her squares (you can see the back side HERE).Yvonne made a few rounds of Around-the Bases CAL around her finished Circles of the Sun decoration, then made one complete row with hdc only in back loops and then 3 rows hdc just over three sides (through both loops). She did the same on the back side, then put the two big squares together, crocheted them together with sc so there is no joint viewable and used an ikea cushion with velcro fasteners.

Circles of the Sun chair cushion by Yvonne Nehrkorn

And now I would like to share something really special and fantastic with you! Several weeks ago I got a message from Emma Aldous. She wrote she has been working on a winter blanket compiled of my Dandelion Mandala, Dandelion Border and Circles of the Sun patterns together with Sophie’s Universe by Dedri Uys. Emma told me she would like to create a separate page to post her progress pictures and the notes necessary to ensemble all the patterns into one large winter blanket. And here is what she got!! When I saw it, I didn’t doubt for a second I want to share it with you. Please, check Emma’s Facebook page and see the amazing work she has done. The blanket is still in progress, there will be several more sections added, and when finished it will be approx. 150 cm (60 inches) square. I hope you will enjoy!

Circles of the Sun winter blanket by Emma Aldous

If you finished your Circles of the Sun project but haven’t shared your pictures with me – please, do it both on my Facebook page or in Ravelry group! I will be happy to see them :)

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Have a wonderful weekend and see you very soon,

p.s Next Tuesday I will post the pictures of my new Autumn Winds Cowl – so be tuned!
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  1. Good Morning, and THANKS for this post. I have purchased the Dandelion and border for a future project, now I know what I will be doing with it.I have been making up small knee rugs of 4x4 12" squares from all the free from Sophies, and smaller from C of the Sun, for our local Nursing Home. Now it is my turn for myself. Thank you so much for giving and sharing your work with us. Edith Bell

    1. Thank you Edith! I know what you are talking about :) I have only one pillow in my appartment made by me. But I will for sure make a blanket for myself soon.

  2. I am pretty new to crochet and have been working on this CAL. I have one more block to do. I am learning some new things which is fun. Thank you.

  3. Hello! I've looked and looked for a round motif to make a little round coin purse to give to friends as family for gifts. Your circle of the sun series is absolutely perfect! Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you! I dream to make a round coin purse myself one day...


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