Forest Fog Cowl - finished!

Do you know that feeling? You carefully plan your next crochet projects, you have a clear idea in mind, try to schedule everything. And then one day you dive into your stash, see two balls of yarn and start something completely new. Immediately! Unfortunately my inspiration is usually sleeping during the daytime and suddenly wakes up when I am almost in bed. It happened this time. I had been crocheting for two nights and here is the result. My new Forest Fog Сowl! Free pattern will be released next week but in a meanwhile I would like to show you some pictures.
Forest Fog Crochet Cowl by Lilla Bjorn Crochet
Update: FREE pattern of Forest Fog Cowl can be found HERE!

I am very addicted to structured crochet. It seems like I am just not able to create something flat. As you probably know, I also like to crochet in back or front loops and combine different stitches. But this time I decided to create a very simple pattern which can be handled by super beginners! I also think this cowl will be a great project to train your skills in crocheting in different loops and keeping the gauge under control. But I will tell more about this in next post, together with the instructions on how to make this cowl.

I combined two totally different yarns to make this cowl (the only similarity is that both are produced by Scheepjes). It’s Stonewashed XL (shade 842) and Maxima (shade 15). As far as I know Maxima is only available for purchase in the Netherlands. But you can easily replace it with Vinci. I had only one skein of Maxima, so I had to choose an appropriate shade of Stonewashed XL. But you can take absolutely any shades you like. You can purchase these yarns via Scheepjes (ships to the Netherlands and Belgium), Deramores* or Wool Warehouse* (international shipping) and Paradise Fibers* (US).
Forest Fog Crochet Cowl by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

My plan was to make a short (and wide), one-layerd cowl. But when I run out of Stonewashed XL and weighted Maxima I was very surprised to see that exactly half of the skein was used. So I decided to add one more skein of Stonewashed XL in the same shade and continued crocheting – hoping that in the end I will have enough length to wear this cowl in two layers. And wo-hoo!! It was enough!
Forest Fog Crochet Cowl by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

So using 2 skeins of Stonewashed XL and 1 skein of Maxima (or Vinci) you can either make one long cowl or two short cowls (for yourself and your partner). And yes! This cowl is unisex :) Let me introduce my dear husband Andrei who (surprisingly) agreed to be pictured for this post. Though (fortunately) he refuses to wear this cowl as “rasberry is not his cup of tea” and this cowl is all mine!
Forest Fog Crochet Cowl by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

I am in love with its structure and play of the colors. Just look and those tiny changes and nuances. Aren’t they beautiful? I made tons of pictures last weekend. It was unusually warm and sunny for this time of the year. But not to overload you, I will show only four.
Forest Fog Crochet Cowl by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

The cowl turned out to be very thick. And even if you make a short variant – it will be warm enough and protective against wind.

Don’t miss the free pattern of this cowl and stay tuned! If you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet – you can do it now. And you can also follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. beautiful cowl, it goes perfect with your blouse.

  2. Absolutely love it! Can't wait for the pattern!

  3. Beautiful! Love the colours! I am really sad now we are going into a very hot summer here in Cape Town, South Africa. :-(

    1. Yes, I can understand... I am don't feel well when it's hot. Autumn is a perfet time of the year for me.


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