Longing for the Spring… with a new crochet wip

As soon as I decided it’s spring already, and changed my sad winter coat to a favourite spring one – the winter came back the same day. With snow and strong icy winds. Well, it seems like I will have to wait a little bit more before the sun and warmth finally arrive to the Czech Republic. But in a meanwhile I am trying to warm myself up with a new crochet project.
Colourful crochet circles with cotton yarn

Last week I wrote a review abou Catona* cotton yarn by Scheepjes (you can read it HERE). I chose bright and spring colors for my new design. I wanted something happy, colourful and quick. You may probably guess from the pictures what I am busy with, but I rather don’t tell you to keep an illusion of secret till next week.
Wip of a crochet necklace - Catona yarn by Scheepjes

I was a little bit unsure about terracotta shade in this combination but luckily it suits well.

This project teaches me to be patient. I made lots and lots of small colorful circles with single and double crochet stitches. And it takes me three times longer to carefully weave in and hide all yarn tails than to make the circles themselves. Did I tell you I am not a fun a weaving in? I am absolutely not! When possible I prefer to hide tails with “as-you-go” method (described HERE). But sometimes it doesn’t work and then I have to take my tapestry needle and spend some hours with weaving. And trying to stay calm…

But at least those small colorful tails look nice in the pictures. Don’t they?
How to weave in yarn tails in crochet

I hope the spring will see all my hard work and efforts, and hear my appeals. And will come back very soon. To strengthen my hope and will, I even bought myself the flowers :)
Longing for the spring

Next week I will show you my new finished project, and a free pattern will be soon published here, on my blog! You can check Catona yarn HERE on Wool Warehouse* (international shipping) and Paradise Fibers* (US).

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See you soon!

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  1. Ooh! I like the colors of this and am looking forward to seeing the final project. Hope it warms up there soon. Our crocuses have bloomed and now the daffodils have started. --Rita Z.

  2. I am looking very forward to seeing this project emerge. Beautiful colors. Gorgeous work.
    Nancy Farrell


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