3 Ways to Protect Your Yarn and Wips From Pets

If you like to crochet and you have kids and/or pets – you will feel my pain. My kid is 5 years old already and now he understands he must not touch my yarns and wips. But it’s very difficult to explain it to my dog who sometimes gets very bored and start to look for “toys” everywhere. Once I left my half finished scarf on the sofa over the night. I went to bed very late and couldn’t wake up early. And what did I see when I came to a dining room in the morning? Well… Almost entire scarf was frogged and yarn was everywhere around the place. My dog literally killed the skein! And this made me think about how I can secure my work in the future.
Yarn House will keep your yarn safe and clean

“Well, you can just hide your wips and yarns” – you might say. Yes, but with many projects going on at the same time it’s not always possible. Unfortunately I am not very well organized and when I start something new, the traces of my creative thinking are everywhere. And then it’s too late to hide them, because I need to hurry to a kindergarten to pick my son up, or somewhere else.

But I’ve come up with several ideas, which might be helpful for you as well.

1. How to prevent crochet wip from unexpected frogging. The answer is quite simple: you should just secure the loop. My friend Nerissa from Miss Neriss inspired me to make stitch markers with small clasps and silver charms (you can see her beautiful picture on Instagram).
Custom stitch markers can be made with silver chamrs, transparent thread and beads. Easy and unique!

I used transparent thin thread and beads to make mine. I think they look very cute, and now I can safely leave my wip on the sofa without worrying it can suddenly frog because my kid is jumping besides.
Attach stitch marker to the loop of your crocheted wip, and it will be secured from unexpected frogging

If you don’t feel like making stitch marker yourself, you can purchase them. Loveknitting (HERE*) and Amazon (HERE*) have very nice examples.

But if you don’t have any charms and well closed stitch markers and don’t want to purchase them, you can use this small trick. Just make your loop larger and tie it into a knot. Don’t pull too tight so that you can untie it later. But with a knot your loop and wip will be well secured.
Easy trick on how to prevent your crochet wips from unexpected frogging.

2. Yarn bowl is another wonderful way to protect your skeins from being attacked by your cat or dog. Today there are many wonderful wooden yarn bowls on the market, and you can choose anything you like (HERE* for example).
Wooden yarn bowls will not only save your yarn but will also become wonderful interior accessories fro your home

Scheepjes started to produce nice wooden accessories, including these yarn bowls. I got mine on Bloggers Day and I am truly in love. Not that it helps to keep yarn safe, it is also a wonderful interior decoration!
Wooden yarn bowls will not only save your yarn but will also become wonderful interior accessories fro your home

3. Together with yarn bowl I also got a Yarn Ball House. I have never seen anything like this before. But it looks like a great idea to protect the yarn.
Yarn House will keep your yarn safe and clean

This Scheepjes yarn house has a stick inside on which you can “wear” the skein, and two small sticks to fasten from outside. After yarn is inside the house you should just pull the tail through the hole, close the “door”, click the clasp – and your yarn is very well hidden and secured... But I personally found it a bit difficult to pull the yarn while it was worn on a stick inside, so I think it’s even better just to put ball or skein into the house and close the door.
Yarn House will keep your yarn safe and clean

Scheepjes yarn houses and bowls are available for purchase via Wool Warehouse HERE* in your local Scheepjes stores.

These were my tips on how to secure your yarn and wips. Do you have your own? Please, share them in comments!

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  1. LOVE the Yarn Ball House! :) --Rita Z.

  2. It's really cute! And I like it's wooden. when not used for crochet, I display it in my "craft room". :) Well, I don't have any craft room, but I pretend I do! At least I have two shelves in a bedroom with all my craft supplies :)

  3. I use an ice cream bucket, made a hole in the lid with a hot knitting needle ( be careful with fingers)push my yarn through from bottom of lid, close and take it anywhere. Put in more holes for 2-3 yarns. Even decorate if you wish.

  4. I have a shopping bag with long handles - I hang one handle on the arm of my chair and put my yarn balls inside - if I have to leave it quickly I can just drop the work inside if its small enough. A big project is harder of course. But I love the yarn bowl and the house. My little Westie is very well behaved but my two cats are another story :)


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