Year 2016 Brought Lots of Crochet Inspiration to Me...

It’s hard to believe but one more year is almost gone… For me it almost flied. Really fast. It seems like only a few weeks ago I was sitting in front a computer and typing the same post about results of year 2015… And year 2017 is almost knocking at my door. Already! I hope it was a good year for you. And if it was sad for some reason, I hope new year will bring you joy, peace and happiness.
Original crochet designs by Lilla Bjorn.

Right now I am sitting upstairs in a small house in the middle of Czech mountains Beskidy. My friends from Belarus are visiting us. And we decided to escape from the city, and celebrate New year eve in the nature. There is a fire in a fireplace. And I can hear kids laughter outside. Together with my husband they are trying to set up a fire outdoors and to cook something to eat… It’s a nice moment to stay alone for an hour. And to think of passing year and about what it brought to me.

I’ve made a collage using crocheted projects designed in year 2016. I believe these are not all of them, are they? (all available in my Ravelry shop HERE). When I put them together I was surprised to see that colour palette is not so bright and vibrant as it was last year. It's  more into calm and blue blues and pastel. And I wonder what it will look like in a year again.
Spanish mandala in overlay crochet technique. Original design by Lilla Bjorn Crochet
Spanish Mandala

So what did year 2016 bring to me?.. It was a nice year. I am thankful for my family, parents and friends being healthy. I don’t see them often. But it’s always great to think of them and know they are well.

I am continuously trying to grow as a crochet designer. And I continue to work in overlay crochet and to create mandala’s. This year two wonderful designs were born. It’s Spanish Mandala and Joana’s Mandala and Border. And I finally created a true Celtic Mandala (and I am sure more Celtic designs will come in the future).
Overlay crochet mandala patterns by Lilla Bjorn

This year a few of my designs were published for the first time!! They are Stepping Stones pouf cover, Striped Top and Moonlight Butterfly Blanket published in YARN book-a-zine. Lisa the mouse amigurumi pattern was published in November issue of Crochet Now magazine (unfortunately I haven’t got hard copy of this magazine yet to show you, but I will as soon as a I get it!). And 2 my designs were published in a freshly printed Baby Rainbow Book. I got a copy 2 minutes before I left my home and went to the mountains. I just looked through it very quickly (it’s amazing!!) and I will share more details and pictures with you when I come back home.
Striped Top. Knitting pattern with mohair and Alpaca Scheepjes yarn

Being a journalist in my past life I had several hundreds of articles and interviews published in newspapers and magazines. But it felt absolutely differently to be published as a crochet designer. You know I am not an educated designer, or an artist… I am just a crafter who has been crocheting and knitting for entire life. And to see my design and my name in printed magazine… it feels WOW! Like a recognition.

I continued to collaborate with Dutch yarn producer Scheepjes. Being a part of their Bloggers team I visited the Netherlands twice this year (if you search my blog with “Notes from the Netherlads” you can read my reportages about these stays). And I was lucky and proud to participate in Last Dance on the Beach CAL as a designer. Just 2 weeks ago I finished my own Dance in the Rain blanket. And I am so happy with it! In collaboration with Scheepjes company I have created a few free patterns. And I will continue to give them away next year as well.
Last Dance on the Beach Blanket. Made by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

Thank you very much for staying with me and reading my blog. And joining my CAL’s! I almost forgot to mention Peacock Tail Bag CAL which was running in the summer. I got lots of lovely messages and e-mails, and I am so happy you are loving overlay crochet technique as much as I do. I am thinking about a new CAL for the next year. I hope my creative energy will be enough to accomplish what I have planned.
Peacock Tail Bag. CAL in overlay crochet. Original design by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

My blog has almost hit 2.000.000 views! WOW! We should definitely celebrate this. With a new free pattern maybe? ;-)

What else to say… I don’t know. It was a nice year. Full of inspiration and ideas. And I hope next year will be the same. At least.

Happy New Year!

And let all your dreams (and plans) come true!
With love,

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  1. Your mandala designs are so beautiful, and I always get excited when I see that you have a new one. Unfortunately, I am a bit behind with my mandala crochet at the moment, but hope to make another Joanna - this time with border - as well as the Spanish and Celtic mandalas in February, time permitting. Congratulations on your publications; you deserve recognition for your exquisite work!

    1. Hi Shelly! Thank you very much! I am really looking forward to see all your finished projects! I hope to create more mandala's in hte future. And I am currently working on something new...

  2. Thanks for another wonderful year of crochet inspiration! Here's to a fabulous 2017! Your friend in the U.S. --Rita Z. :)

  3. I just found your site through My Go-Go Life quilting blog and am so glad I did! I've been crocheting all my life (I'm almost 80) and quilting for the past 10 years. I love crocheting and will always do that as long as my hands hold out! This is a great site and I'm looking forward to it. I've already seen some patterns I like and want ... just have to figure out how to get to them so I can started!! Thank you so much for sharing!



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