Nya Mosaic Blanket: reveal

Last week I told you a story about our family trip to Germany, to Legoland. It was our first long trip by car and I didn’t want to be too bored, so I chose to crochet instead. Luckily lots of skeins in different colors were with me, and new blanket design was born. I know I promised you the pattern soon, but we’ve just arrived to Belarus to see my parents, and life became a bit chaotic. I will share free pattern with you very soon. But so far I thought you would like to have a look at a completed blanket.
Nya Mosaic Blanket - free crochet pattern by www.lillabjorncrochet.com

I truly enjoyed working on this blanket and playing with colors. I have discovered a new (to me) crochet technique recently. It allows to work from charts, as in corner-to-corner for example. So in fact it opens endless designing possibilities, as you can create your own chart, and your own unique blanket.

Nya Mosaic Blanket - free crochet pattern by www.lillabjorncrochet.com

I don’t know a name for this technique. You were trying to guess what it is, and it does look like interlocking crochet, indeed. But I think it’s not. I believe the idea of interlocking crochet is to create reversible fabric with same pattern on both sides but in different order of colors. And this blanket has right and wrong side, so I think it’s not interlocking. It reminds me of an overlay crochet with just a small difference. Chain stitches are involved here, and fabric is not stiff at all. And you can crochet from chart. Well, you will see everything yourself when the pattern is finally released (and I hope it won’t take long).
Nya Mosaic Blanket - free crochet pattern by www.lillabjorncrochet.com

I didn’t have much time to finish the sample, so I went for a baby size, and my blanket is approx. 84 cm x 104 cm (33” x 41”). The blanket consists of several geometrical stripes and dividers, and can be made in any size (width or length).
Nya Mosaic Blanket - free crochet pattern by www.lillabjorncrochet.com

I used Colour Crafter yarn by Scheepjes* (DK weight) in 7 colors, but you can of course choose more or less shades. I would recommend taking soft yarn in solid shades for this blanket.

The pattern is on its way! See you very soon :)

UPDATE: the pattern is published and available HERE.

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  1. Stunning! Your color choices are yummy. I anxiously await the pattern. Thank you for sharing

  2. OMG!!! I have to have that pattern!!! Love, love, love!!!

  3. It's beautiful! Is it tapestry crochet. The kind that you carry the extra colors as you work?

    1. Thank you! No, it's not tapestry... I would say it's "mosaic" crochet, or something.

  4. oh oh oh!!! hardly witing for the pattern ;)

  5. My searches have directed me to your page several times now- I think this year I am finally ready to try this mosaic blanket! Thank you :3


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