Sunny Mandala: new life of an old overlay crochet pattern

I discovered overlay crochet almost 4 years ago, and it was love from the first glance. It changed my thoughts about crochet in general and inspired to take first steps in my own designing. I was impressed by overlay crochet mandala’s and could not stop staring at the variety of stitches and unexpected changes of colors. Sunny Mandala was one of my own first creations, and still one of my favourite.
Sunny Mandala - overlay crochet pattern - original design by

Sunny Mandala overlay crochet pattern was released in late 2014, in the times of my early steps of designing and learning photography. I decided to remake it with different yarns and to provide a new photo-tutorial in better quality (with many more pictures in happy rainbow colors). Written instructions have been also edited and improved. And I believe that now the pattern is easy to follow, and mandala better keeps the round shape.
Sunny Mandala - overlay crochet pattern - original design by

Another reason why I have decided to republish this pattern is that I wanted to adjust stitch counts on some rounds to make Sunny Mandala suitable for Dandelion Border and Joana’s Border. With the revised copy of the pattern you can square this mandala up (tom make it a center of a blanket) or enlarge it into a round rug.

Revised pattern is available both on Ravelry and Etsy and you will save 30% through Monday, June 26. No coupon code needed. If you purchased this pattern previously on Ravelry – an updated copy will be automatically added to your library. And if you purchased it on Etsy – please, contact me and I will e-mail you new copy of this pattern.
Sunny Mandala - overlay crochet pattern - original design by

Stone Washed yarn by Scheepjes was chosen for a new birth of Sunny Mandala. If you haven’t heard about this yarn before – please, check my review HERE. New shades were released not long ago and I used some of them for my mandala. Now Stone Washed palette is not so mute and dusty anymore, and I thought it’s a good choice for a bright overlay mandala.
Sunny Mandala - overlay crochet pattern - original design by

You can have a look and purchase Stone Washed yarn in local Scheepjes shops and also at Wool Warehouse* and Deramores* (both are UK with international shipping), Loveknitting* (US) and Knotty House* (Canada). You can create your own Sunny Mandala in any color combination. For mine I used the following shades: 805, 807, 816, 833, 827, 830 – exact yardages are given in the pattern.
Sunny Mandala - overlay crochet pattern - original design by

Sunny Mandala overlay crochet pattern is aimed to intermediate crocheters, but “adventurous” beginners should also handle it without major problems, as only usual stitches are used here. And the only difference is in the way you attach them (see all information about overlay crochet technique HERE).

I hope you will enjoy the pattern!

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  1. Hello Tatsiana,

    I'm making the mandala, love the pattern and it's looking good so far. I noticed two things in the pattern I like you to know. (Maybe I don't see it right, reading a pattern is not my talent)
    In round 18 it says change to yarn C2, but in the pictures I see a 7th color, pink. For my own mandala I choose to follow the instruction and use yarn C2.
    I also noticed that the DPdtr in round 14 is not explained in the stitchguide. I just made it up by the pictures and I guess it worked out fine (not looking too bad).

    1. Hi Miranda. C2 on Rnd 18 is correct. It's Red Jasper (shade 807 in Stone Washed). you should have used the same shade for Rnd 2 (different color is shown in the pictures and I made a note about it). On Rnd 14 you should make FPdtr (thank you for mentioning). It's just the same as FPrt but longer and you make 3 yarn overs in the beginning.


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