My Year 2017 In Three Pictures

Every time in the end of the year I make a virtual quilt of my published designs. I do it to keep the nice memories, as life is running fast. Maybe one day, after 20 or 30 years of designing I will compose a giant digital blanket of these small quilts… Joking of course! But who knows on the other hand ;-)
Overlay crochet design by

What can I say about my year 2017? It was fast! It was so fast that I cannot even believe it. At the same time last year we were sitting in a small house in the middle of mountains with my friends. We were skiing all days long, and we were celebrating New Year’s Eve together. And now… Another year has come already and I haven’t even noticed. Is it the matter of age? Or rather a lifestyle?

I have been observing the whole world from a window in my living room for 3 years already. Three years of “official designing status”. Not so much for someone. But for me it’s the whole life. Spending all days at home at my computer desk, with crochet and photo camera, surrounded by lots of virtual friends and followers might sound fun. And it’s fun, of course! But if I could wish something for a new coming year, I would ask for a change. I don’t know what this change can be. I don’t know… I will definitely continue to create, and to design. But I would also like to spend more time outside my creative box. What do you think? Is it workable? :)

Looking back at all the project I designed in 2017 makes my heart happy. You know that feeling, when you write something down (a story, or a poem, or just a short essay), or when you design something, and when you see it again after a year, or even later. You think: No way! You cannot create anything better. You have created all your best designs (written all your best stories, composed all your best songs) already. And you cannot create as good as this one again. This is exactly the feeling I have when I look back at my designs from year 2017. Not that I think they are perfect (though I am really happy with all of them). It's just my own, personal feeling. They all are my babies.

Labyrinth Mandala
UFO pillow

Labyrinth Border
Celtic Tiles Blanket

Tree of Life Pillow
Whirl Mandala Cardigan

Dandelion Garden Pillow
Lisa the Mouse

Indian Start Basket
Nori Dress

Tulip Potholder
Sunny Mandala (revised pattern)

Nya Mosaic Blanket

Brioche Waves Blanket

A Different Granny Square

Spirits of Life Wrap CAL

Pastel Triangles Pillow
Wintery Octagon Mandala

And several comissioned patterns for magazines:  Winter Light Poncho and Tropical Flower Pouf

Can year 2018 be at least a little bit as creative as last year? I hope so!

There is one project among listed above which I am extremely proud of! This project took the whole year of my life. In good sense. And in many other senses, too… It’s Spirits of Life CAL. When I first thought about this idea, it didn’t sound very “massive” to me. And this was for the good, because otherwise I would never dare to “touch” it.
Spirits of Life CAL_ free crochet pattern by

When half of the work was done and it was too late to give up I suddenly realized it was turning into something huge, and not simple at all. I had to write down the patterns in techniques I have never written any patterns before. And I had to create videos. What a Challenge!!! I am not the one who gives up easily, but now (when the CAL is over) I can tell you a secret. There were quite a few moments when I felt I would fall down, or hide under the rock where no one could find me. And now, when all patterns are released, and my YouTube channel is launched, and many people all over the world have finished their Spirit Wraps I feel nothing than being proud of myself! (And I don't have that feeling often...)
Our Tribe yarn by Scheepjes - shade "Lilla Bjorn".

And there is one more thing I am extremely proud of! It’s the fact I have my own yarn now. My own shade of a brand new yarn Our Tribe by Scheepjes. I have been a member of Scheepjes Bloggers team for 2.5 years already. And this collaboration has brought me so much inspiration, and joy. I hope it will last for many more years.

Year 2017 was significant in many ways for me. It helped me to realize how far I moved forward in what I love, and what I believe in. I am so far that it’s also scary… It feels like the best moments are behind already. I am really afraid that one day my creative spirit will be gone, that all “muses” will hide. And I will stay alone in my living room, at my desk, with my computer and photo camera. But with no inspiration… It’s so difficult to put into words. It happened a few times already. And that's a scarry feeling... So I better stop thinking about it. And rather hope that year 2018 will be full of new adventures!
Happy New 2018 year!!!

I believe it will be a nice year. It’s a Dog's year. And I have a dog. Her name is Nejra. She is more red than yellow, but she is a dog anyway. A lovely, kind, openhearted, loving, happy friend. Once, many years ago, she saved me from feeling lonely. And today she is one of my best friends. Love her!

Happy New Year!!

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  1. A really lovely, thoughful, and introspective view on your 2017. Thank you for sharing. I do believe, when much has been achieved, that it is ok to rest and allow what is to come, to flow naturally towards us. You have done so well, worked so hard, gifted your talents to the world so generously, that I do believe you will be rewarded for a long time to come...without too much effort on your part. Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you! :-) xxx

  2. Love this! Love your patterns and inspiration. Definitely take time for yourself. Time passes so quickly and can never be retrieved. Your dog is precious! Happy New Year!!!

  3. I appreciate all your hard work. I have most of your patterns and absolutely enjoyed the spirit of life wrap. You are an inspiration! Happy New Year!

  4. WoW Your work is Inspirational! The colors...Beautiful. You made me want to pick up my crochet hook again!

  5. Looking at that photo of your 2017 is so awe-inspiring. You have done AMAZING, beautiful work, Tatsiana. Just the Spirits of Life CAL was a year's worth of work! Thank you for sharing your talent and your thoughts with us, your loyal blog followers. We wish you all the best in 2018! I crochet to help a dog rescue, so seeing the photo of your dog with yarn is so special, and I have pinned Nejra's photo to my Pinterest crochet board. Hugs to you both!

  6. Periods of creative angst from many artists is understood. Please don't think "down" when this occure, but rather "up." "Up" for me is the process of looking in that space which contains, at the moment, the unknown, but which eventually offers up immense fruit for the imagination upon study. Recently, I looked to Japanese block printing and took out my old microscope and some prepared slides for free form crochet inspiration. I was amazed that looking at differents worlds, one macro and one micro, could get the juices going. With such an abundance of world out there, you will never doubt.

  7. Every artist has periods of creative angst, but it will pass. Instead of looking down, look "up" into obscure sources for the next best. I've newly found interests in free-form crochet and art quilting, so after much visual research found my inspiration comes in the forms of Japanese block prints and viewing human and botanical cells under a microscope (especially human cells). Those were "Wow" times for me. I cannot imagine that anything less than 50 times that would be your culling and eventual inspiration. My bottom line: When I first visited the Scheepjes website, you were the first designer whose art really caught my eye. You are gifted and provide us with wonderful patterns to make our personal lives nicer places to live. What could be better than that?

    1. Thank you Rebecca for a lovely comment. And what an interesting experience with a micro world! I am absolutely fine with feeling down sometimes. Without "donws" it's more difficult to find the "ups" again, isn't it? :)

    2. Oh so glad to see your comment, Tatsiana, as my family is full of artists who experience deep "downs." I see now that yours are not the type that drag you down, which lifts me up on this grey day. I'm off to crochet. Again, as so many have said, you are a true inspiration to so many. Never forget that! (My original message disappeared. Did not intend for a repeat when I rewrote.)

    3. Someone famous said that surrering is essensial for true art. I don't consider myself an artist, and I obviously don't suffer. But sometimes it feels like everything is too much, when you are tired to death, and when you lack inspiration. But without this moments one cannot "catch" a new wave. Yeah! It's like the sea. Wave after wave, after wave... but what it's important in my opinion is to rest. Enough and at the right moment. This is what I really need to learn.

  8. This is a little late,but thank you for your time and talent. Like someone said above, you made me want to crochet again. I learned to crochet as a teenager and am 59 now. It has been about 5 or 6 years since I crocheted. Spirit of Life found a renewed interest and though I haven't finished it yet, I am getting close. Just wanted to say thanks and trust your inner spirit to lead you to create new patterns and projects.


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