Rib Turban Headband: late Christmas gift

Being a crochet designer means that your family and all your friends will be involved into crochet. Sooner or later. Most of my friends don’t crochet. But from time to time I get messages from them with pictures of different crochet projects and notes like “You could probably make the same?” I think it’s fun! Crochet is connecting people.
Rib Turban Headband - free crochet pattern

A few days ago I received a message from my friend Lera. She lives in Amsterdam and has just returned from a long journey around Australia. It’s winter in the Netherlands, and it's pretty cold. And Lera asked me if by any chance I have designed something like a headband (saying her ears are freezing but she can’t wear hats for many reasons). I haven’t designed anything like this myself, and crochet hats or any head accessories is a nightmare for me because I am never good at sizing. But I thought I could make one for Lera. And it would be a nice late Christmas gift.
Rib Turban Headband - free crochet pattern

She wanted something very simple and elegant, in grey or black color. Together we browsed lots of pages on Pinterest and both agreed that Rib Turban Headband (FREE pattern) from Carmen of New Leaf Designs is something we were looking for. Lera wanted a wide enough band which could cover her ears, so I adapted the pattern a bit to make it wider. But otherwise no other changes were made.

I used two skeins of Merino Soft yarn* by Scheepjes in shade 603 (silver grey). A great choice for head accessory, in my opinion. As this yarn is very warm, soft, but not fluffy and not scratchy.

It took me several hours to finish the headband, mostly because I couldn’t figure the width in the very beginning and had to frog several times. Otherwise this project is very fast to make, and very satisfying. A nice way to practice front and back post stitches. And I just love clear graphic of the twist!
Rib Turban Headband - free crochet pattern

I began with ch31 and the height of both parts for the twist was approx. 5-6cm. After the piece was divided into two parts for the twist I made a little math to make sure both parts are the same (for example, that they both begin and end with back post stitch). That was needed for a symmetry.
Rib Turban Headband - free crochet pattern

I would like to share something else with you… If you are interested in food and in healthy life style, be sure to check Lera’s website. She is a professional nutritionist running her own company Terra e Luna in Amsterdam. She is helping people to deal with health problems via correcting their daily menu. She is creating individual custom programs. And she runs food workshops in her amazingly beautiful kitchen studio in the very center of old Amsterdam.

Lera is vegan. She has been creating her own recipes since I have known her (and I know her for almost 20 years now). Every time I come to Amsterdam I'm secretly hoping she will invite me to stay at her place for a couple days. And every time it’s a feast for my stomach. Not that her food is very tasty and animal friendly, it’s also so beautiful!
Vegan recipes by Terra e Luna

I have created a collage for you with the pictures of her original meals. Don’t they look fantastic? And all recipes are available for free on her blog HERE. In English, Dutch and Russian. Enjoy!

Lera has not seen the final project yet and I really hope she will love it. And will use it a lot during long winter months.
Rib Turban Headband - free crochet pattern

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