YARN book-a-zine: Dutch Masters

Here is something I should have shared with you long ago. If you are on Ravelry you might have spotted a new poncho design which has recently appeared on my page. It’s Winter Light Poncho, and it’s a part of a magically beautiful YARN book-a-zine* published by Scheepjes. The new edition is called Dutch Masters.
Winter Light Poncho_original design by www.lillabjorncrochet.com

I’ve been a part of this project for two years already, but every new issue amazes me more and more. If you haven’t even heard about YARN book-a-zine you might want to check it out. It’s something in the middle between a magazine and a book. Each issue contains around 15 knitting, crochet and sewing patterns accompanied with useful articles and insights into creative process of artists and designers.

Every new issue is themed. We already had Sea Issue, Midnight Garden Issue, Tropical Issue and here is a new one – devoted to Dutch Masters. I am a little bit addicted to printed books and magazines. And though my husband is an IT specialist reading everything on his mobile phone or on electronic book reader, I still find something magical and charming about holding a real paper book in hands.
Yarn book-a-zine by Scheepjes. Issue 4 - Dutch Masters

The quality of YARN book-a-zine is supreme. Thick matt paper, high quality pictures (all made according to themes and chapters, very moody and special), additional pages for your notes and flap to help you organize the projects. The book-a-zine is published in both English and Dutch.

As already mentioned, new edition is devoted to Dutch Master featuring Vermeer, Mondrian, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. And all projects were designed in color palette and with the “mood” of their paintings. The pictures were taken in amazing interiors and wonderfully translate the feel of each artist. Just amazing. And very stylish.

New Horizons Blanket - designed by Cypress Textiles
New Horizons Blanket by Cypress Textiles

I was asked to design a poncho for a new issue, and though I am still not confident in garment design, I decided to take the challenge. The poncho is one size (I believe it’s good for everyone – with a slight oversize look for smaller sizes and perfect fit for larger sizes), with a kind of “sleeves” and long knit-look tunnel neck.

Winter Light Poncho_original design by www.lillabjorncrochet.com

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Depending on how you want to wear the poncho, you can make a knit-look fabric on the right or wrong side. I prefer to have the neck as a tunnel without shaping (so that it’s draping itself), but for a magazine it was folded for a neater look. And so that photography perfectly matches the Vermeer chapter.

Knit-look tunnel neck - crochet poncho by www.lillabjorncrochet.com

The poncho uses approx. 22 skeins of Merino Soft Brush* yarn by Scheepjes. This yarn line was created as an addition to existing Merino Soft* range (reviewed HERE). So far it comes in 7 shades – each with a nice semi-colored effect. And all of them can be used in combination with regular Merino Soft yarn.

I am often asked if Winter Light Poncho is available for purchase as a single pattern, and the answer is no. It is only available in a book-a-zine. But believe me, it’s a must have and a must read. Dutch Masters issue is available in local Scheepjes shops and via larger retailers such as Wool Warehouse* (UK with international shipping).

Almond Blossom Scarf_crochet design with embroidery. By Miss Neriss
Almond Blossom Scarf by Miss Neriss

New issue of YARN boo-a-zine contains 16 other patterns, articles about different types of yarn (with some interesting facts about acrylic), about tatting technique. It also presents work by Mathijs Siemens and Anne-Claire Petit.

I would love to show you everything in this blog post but I don’t want to spoil your surprise. My personal favourites are New Horizons Blanket by Rachele of Cypress Textiles, Almond Blossom Scarf by Nerissa of Miss Neriss and the Bedroom Rug by Dedri of Look At What I Made.
The Bedroom Rug - original crochet design by Dedri Uys
The Bedroom Rug by Look At What I Made

Want to see more? Grab your own copy and Enjoy!

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  1. I bought the Dutch Masters from Amazon but it was in Dutch! Does the one on Woolwarehouse come in English? I just loved your poncho and the blanket.

    1. Hi Claire, YARN book-a-zine is published in both Dutch and English. As far as I can see on the cover, Wool Warehouse stock English version. But you better contact them and ask before placing the order.


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