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Designing garments is something I started to do only recently. With creating mandalas and interior accessories I felt a bit insecure about garments' shaping and sizing. And this is weird, because making my own garments was the first thing I started to do when I learned crochet at the age of 6. But there is a huge difference between making something for yourself and releasing a crochet pattern for everyone... So I decided to take small steps, and first try my hand in designing one-size garments, or the ones which are very easy to adjust. And Indigo Shrug is one of them.
Indigo Shrug - crochet pattern by

The story of Indigo Shrug is long. Really long. I got inspired by Scheepjes Whirl yarn and from the beginning I knew this design would be a commission for YARN the After Party leaflet. So I made the first sample in almost no time and got ready to type the pattern down. And then I suddenly realized the joining of rounds was not perfect and could be done better. I thought I could actually join the rounds in the corners, and not on the sides. :)
Indigo Shrug - crochet pattern by

So I frogged the entire garment and started from scratch. And when I was half way through I frogged it once again because I thought of a better way to shape the shrug. Making it a rectangle and not a square, which also meant the shrug would fit more sizes without becoming too long. It was a true crochet adventure and a kind of exam in designing for me. And now I am safe to say I am HAPPY with how Indigo Shrug turned out. And I am proud to present it as a part of YARN the After Party series.

 Indigo Shrug - crochet pattern by

What is YARN the After Party, you may ask. It’s a small leaflet with just one pattern published by Scheepjes once in two weeks. It comes in print and is available in local Scheepjes shops and via online retailers (affiliate): Wool Warehouse (UK, internationsl), Black Sheep Wools (UK, international), Deramores (UK, international), Caro’s Atelier (NL, Europe), Taemombo (US and Canada).

And also as a digital version on Ravelry in different languages. The price is symbolic, and the patterns are wonderful. If you choose a print copy, you get a very stylish piece printed on a thick matt paper with two metal clips, and you can put your own collection using a Scheepjes holder designed especially for the After Party leaflets.
YARN the After Party by Scheepjes

YARN the After Party is an addition to YARN book-a-zines which are released twice a year. If you follow my blog, you might have seen reviews on all YARN issues. If not, make sure to check them HERE. I am seriously in love with them.
YARN the After Party by Scheepjes

And coming back to my recent Indigo Shrug... This pattern is very easy to follow, and it’s very simple. I would say it is aimed to a beginner. The stitch pattern is repetitive, and once you remember it, you can complete the shrug without the pattern, even. It requires one cake of Whirl and one cake of Whirlette. And if you want to enlarge it for a bigger size, you might need one more Whirlette. Check Simy’s post to see which Whirls and Whirlettes match. …And you can also use Woolly Whirl, or Frosted Whirl!
YARN the After Party by Scheepjes
The color possibilities are huge! Both yarns are available for purchase in local Scheepjes shops. Or via online retailers: Wool Warehouse*, Deramores* and Black Sheep Wools* (UK with international shipping), Caro’s Atelier* (NL and Europe), Knotty House* (Canada).

And just to mention my personal YARN The After Party favourites, they are: Shawl of Secrets, Wild Forest Cushions and Read Between the Lines shawl, of course (and its crochet version).

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  1. Hello. I would like to Check.. at which row should I add if I want to make it bigger please.

  2. This is beautiful! I actually have a granddaughter named Indigo!

  3. Hi! I love the Indigo shrug. Would it be possible to make it as a triangle shawl?

    1. yes, of course it's possible! Basially that would be a half square. Maybe make a full square first to understand how pattern repeats are built? And then you can easily see what a half cquare would be :)


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