Save Milana! A story of one life

…It has been silent on my side for a while… Grinda MAL is going on and last part of the pattern will be published tomorrow. But today I would like to share something which is not related to crochet. Something that hurts to the bottom of my heart. Something that should not happen at all. You might have noticed that I’ve been away from online life. My Facebook and Ravelry groups feel a bit lonely and abandoned. I am sorry for that. But these days I can’t stop thinking of a small puppy. Who has none in the world except of me. And my new friend Oksana. 


Save Milana!

We called her Milana. Milana is approx. 3-4 month old. I found her in the street under the hard rain in Belarus and just couldn’t leave her along. She is in temporary home at the moment getting ready for vaccinations and chip implantation. And in a month she will be ready to move into forever home if I manage to find any.

She is a lovely puppy. Very happy and playful. And very lonely, too… In fact she has none in the world except of me and Oksana. And we are hoping to find her the most loving and responsible parents.

Milana’s temporary home is a paid one, and together with food, bed, vaccinations and travel cell there are lots of expenses. If you would like to support Milana and other homeless dogs and cats in Belarus, please donate now using the button below. All money we collect will be directed to help Milana find a new home. And to other rescued animals in need. Every cent will help! And thank you in advance for your support!


My love and my pain

I have lived in the Czech Republic for 10 years already. But originally I am from Belarus. I love this country. I was born here and grew up. Almost all my close friends live here. And my parents, too. I come to Belarus every year to see my family and spend one month with my friends. And during every visit to Belarus I see the same thing. Lots of homeless animals in the streets…

Belarus is situated in the center of Europe. Belarusian people are very open, kindhearted and generous. They don’t live rich and very happy life, and many are struggling on the edge. Because salaries are low, and prices go up literally every month.

And animals are struggling, too. There are lots and lots of homeless animals in Belarus. In Minsk (the capital) you can see them every day. Cats’ families live in the yards of milti-apartment houses. Some people feed them, some people beat them… But sooner or later they die: hit by the car, because of diseases, hunger or cold.

There are lots of homeless dogs, too. Some of them were born in the street, but many were kicked out from their homes by former owners. The reasons are very simple: “The dog grew up too big and we can’t take care of her”, “The dog eats too much and we can’t feed her”, “We are moving to a new appartment and we don’t want the dog because she can ruin (chew, spoil) it”. And then the dog goes to the street not understanding what is happening and why she can’t come home again.

Some animals are thrown away from the windows of the cars – in remote places. Just to make sure they will not find way back home. And then the dogs are sitting for days, and weeks on the same place hoping for owners to come back. And this in not just one or two stories. This is what happens literally every day.

Why not to give animals to shelters, you may ask. And the answer is very simple. There are NO state SHELTERS in Belarus!! In Minsk we have just one place where people can bring their own animals or animals they found in the street. Cats and dogs are kept there for a week (if there are free cells – they can stay up to a month or two, but this happens rarely), and then if none wants to adopt them – they are killed! With huge sufferings… And just to mention, if the animal is brought while there are no free cells at all – it is killed just after it enters the “shelter”.

Infections, lack of vaccination, dirt, no proper food, no proper beds. Dogs and cats are dying from freezing in winter and from the heat in summer. They all are VERY scared. Waiting for their last chance. That someone will come and save them… More than that, some clinics started to buy dogs from this “shelter” for their medical (cruel) tests. And usually the most calm and kind dogs are chosen, because it’s easier to deal with them…

There is a small group of volunteers who are trying to help poor animals. They invest their own time and money to buy vaccinations, cure, spay/neuter animals and find them temporary or forever homes. Very often the count is just for a few hours or days… and ordinary people just continue to throw their pets away as useless garbage. Every. Single. Day.

I can’t keep crying while I am writing this. And this is something that should not happen at all. In Belarus there is no proper legislation against cruelty towards animals. So anyone can bring them harm (or even kill) and the punishment will be very light. Just a small fine maybe…

Milana could be one of them. But we saved her. And we hope she will find a forever home soon!!

If you would like to help homeless animals in Belarus, please, donate now by clicking the button below. Every cent matters. All money will be given to Milana or volunteers who are helping homeless animals in Belarus (to vaccinate, spray/neuter dogs and cats to give them a chance to find new home). If you would like to adopt a cat or a dog from Belarus, please, write me a message via contact form on my blog. And I will put you in contact with volunteers. ...Or maybe you would like to adopt Milana?!

Thank you!


I can finally share a happy news with you!! And my heart is ready to explode of happiness. Milana puppy went to a new and - I hope - forever home last week. I was waiting for the news and couldn't even breathe about it. But seems like everyone is happy.

Now she has a new name - Arti. And this is also how I call my son. :) So this is a happy sign, I think.
I can't thank you enough for your support! Without you I would most likely feel depressed and helpless. With your support we could collect 651 USD. Partially this money was used to pay for Milana's temporary home, food and vaccinations. And the rest will be given to dogs' charity in Belarus. I will buy a voucher at one of the veterinary clinics in Minsk, so that homeless animals can get treatment, vaccination and urgent surgeries.

THANK you very much once again from the bottom of my heart!!

And it's still possible do notate to other animals via Donate button :)

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  1. This just makes my heart hurt. I am so sorry for the situation with stray animals in Belarus. We have shelters in the states, but so many people WILL NOT spay/neuter their pets so we are dealing with overpopulation here. It is such a sad situation everywhere and these poor innocent creatures are suffering. I look forward to hearing that you have found Milana a super home! Thank you for helping her!

    1. Yes, I think not spraying is the main reason for the problems like this. If owners took more responsibility, there were no so many homeless animals in the streets.

  2. Would Milana like to come to Texas? She's beautiful and looks like a very sweet girl!

    1. Oh, thank you very much! But I am afraid Texas is just too far... :(

  3. Oh this just breaks my heart, everywhere there are these beautiful animals just needing a bit of food, shelter, and love. I live in England and would be interested in homing her.

    1. Hi Sue, thank you! How can I concat you, please?

  4. I can only imagine how devastating such repetitive cruelty to animals is for the volunteers trying so hard for these poor creatures! I belong (as in 'they own me') to 3 border collies (mother, almost 13, her life-partner, almost 8, and their son, almost 7) and cannot think of life without them with me, even though some middle of night toilet requests are annoying haha.
    I wish I were closer so I could help!
    Hugs to all involved in this often heartbreaking cause xx

    1. I hvae a dog, too. If she would be not so intolerant and dominant, I would take Milana live with me... But it's inpossible unfortunately. Thank you very much for your words of support!

  5. I live in Romania and here we have the same situation. I don't know why we have this problem in our former communist countries, but we do. Maybe the lack of education, maybe the poverty, only God knows.
    I am looking forward in finding Milana a good home! Good luck!

    1. Hi Cristina, yes, I guess it's the same story in all former soviet countries... :(

  6. We have the same problem in South Africa :(

  7. So sad. People do that in America too, but we have passed laws that abusing an animal is a felony involving jail time. She’s a beauty.

  8. Tatsiana, I hope my donation will help a little with the situation there. I also donate to the Humane Society here in the U.S. I really don't understand how people can be so irresponsible and/or cruel to the poor animals. We adopted a labradoodle that was treated very badly by people who took over the breeding kennel of a woman who died from terminal cancer. He was ultimately rescued by the Humane Society. When we first saw him, he would only cower in the corner of his kennel at the Humane Society. It's taken about 5 years with tender loving care and some socialization, but he is now ALMOST normal around people. There are still times that he will still cower away when someone "approaches him. But around our family and friends who know his situation and who come up to him slowly and touch him very gently, he will let them pet him. We love him so much and he's brought so much joy and laughter to us. We consider ourselves his "mom" and "dad". Good luck finding a loving forever home for Milana. And bless you and your friends who foster those unfortunate animals.

  9. I hope you find her a wonderful forever home. She's so cute! We have alot of animal cruelty here in the states too. It's so heartbreaking. I'll never understand how anyone can harm an animal.

  10. Oh I am SO happy to hear that she has a forever home!! Hooray for Milana - Arti! <3
    Thank you for saving her and for sharing her story with us. :) :)

  11. So so happy she has a new home!!!!! Bless the hearts of all involved!!!!


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