Ubuntu CAL with Dedri Uys

It’s being that time of the year, exciting one. When a new Scheepjes CAL is coming! CAL’s (crochet-a-longs) have become extremely popular recently. And not only because it’s fun to crochet together with people from all over the world – to get help and support if needed. But also because when we join the CAL we get this special feeling of belonging. Belonging to a bigger (much bigger!) crochet community of friendly, crafty and dedicated people. Every CAL hosted by Scheepjes is a very exciting event! And this year is not an exception. And – yay! – this year’s designer is Dedri Uys! A legendary person in many ways, and the creator of epic blanket Sophie’s Universe. Which was actually the first CAL of this kind, launched back in 2015.
Ubuntu CAL (crochet-a-long). #Free crochet pattern by Dedri Uys, and Scheepjes

As you know I am honored to be one of the official Scheepjes bloggers. Today we are the team of 17 people including a mystery Simy Somer, a creative director of Scheepjes. We call ourselves The Tribe. And we ARE the tribe, indeed. Supportive, friendly and sharing. We chat every single day and share our ideas, concerns, fears and success. But even being so close to each other we have absolutely NO idea what the next CAL will be. And who is the designer. :)

When approximately a month ago Dedri posted a sneak peek of her Ubuntu blanket, my jaw dropped down. I suspected something was going behind the scene, but I couldn’t even imagine what a beauty would come out. Though, knowing Dedri, who would hesitate she would come up with a masterpiece again. So ta-dah! Here is Ubuntu CAL by Scheepjes and Dedri Uys. And we begin on September 12th, 2018.
Ubuntu CAL (crochet-a-long). #Free crochet pattern by Dedri Uys, and Scheepjes

Ubuntu – (n) the belief that we are defined by our compassion and kindness towards others.

You’ll find complete information about the idea behind the blanket, materials needed and kits on Dedri’s website HERE. Some stores already have the kits for presale, but officially they will go live on August 22nd, 2018 (or around this date). So if you want to have a kit you might need to hurry up and “book” one for yourself – now! As no doubt they will be sold out fast! Please, support Dedri and purchase the kits via link on her blog. As she might receive a tiny compensation for each purchase, while for you it will not cost a penny. But before you jump to Dedri’s blog to read everything, I would like to share something personal. About me and Dedri.

We got acquainted virtually three years ago. At the time her Sophie’s Universe CAL was running. But I started to follow her blog earlier, and Dedri was number one among my crochet idols (and she still is). Later the same year I was honored to join Scheepjes team, and I got the chance to know Dedri personally.

I don’t know how I sound on my blog and what you think about me as a person. As every blogger, I might have a certain “image”, or something… I don’t know. And when I met Dedri for the first time, she appeared not the same as I had been imagining her for 2 years. She was, like, different! Alive :) and very human. I am a total introvert and for me it’s difficult to get along with new people. And Dedri made everything possible for me to feel comfortable. And I fell in love with her. Again!

“Ubuntu” CAL is about spreading love and friendship. It’s about support to each other… And this is all about Dedri.
Ubuntu CAL (crochet-a-long). #Free crochet pattern by Dedri Uys, and Scheepjes

Right now I am trying to save a small homeless puppy I found in the streets of Minsk (in Belarus – my home country). Her name is Milana, she has not found a new home, yet. But I believe we will be a success. You can read Milana’s story HERE, and maybe help, if you wish. When I shared her picture with my Scheepjes Tribe, Dedri fell in love with Milana, and even wanted to adopt her. Unfortunately her landlords came back with a long list of requirements which means Milana cannot travel to UK. But these three days of waiting for their reply were filled with hope. And strong feeling I was not alone. That there was someone out there, in the bigger world, caring as much as I did. And it was Dedri…

Come and join us for Ubuntu CAL. And let’s spread a little bit more of love and caring to the world.

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  1. Just wonderfull ! I love it. Happy holidays...

  2. Beautiful post, Tatsiana. Love how open and honest you're being. Thank you!

  3. I like this story of a growing friendship between the two textile designers I've been admiring most for about the same number of years. Thanks for sharing! I'm so looking forward to doing the Ubuntu CAL along with Dedri and you and the many other participants.

  4. Such a lovely story! I've had the pleasure of meeting Dedri after being a fan of hers for years and she is such a lovely person in real life and extremely supportive! Love the Ubuntu CAL and I think the meaning of spreading love and friendship that at it's centre is such an important one! Good luck with housing Milana!

  5. As always!! Crochet love around the world- we are all the same & we care about the world & those around us! Even when we are shy or reserved, this craft defines UBUNTU!!

  6. So herzliche Geschichte. Ich freue mich schon auf ubuntu cal im september


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