Namaste Scarf: back to my knitting

If you follow my blog, you most likely crochet. But do you also knit? I learned to knit at the age of five, I think… Or maybe six. But definitely before the school, as when I entered first grade of school I was already proudly wearing my own knitted hat. With cables. I learned crochet at nearly the same time, but knitting has been my biggest passion for a long time.
Namaste Scarf - FREE knitting pattern by

I was mostly knitting sweaters. For myself. In crazy and unexpected color combinations. And my teachers were going mad sometimes. Once, I remember, I was asked to come back home and change clothes, because my bright-red-and-purple-shaped-by-myself sweater didn’t go well with strict school dress code.

And then suddenly I became a crochet designer, and put away my needles for 4 years.

I can’t say I missed knitting… I simply didn’t have time to think about it. With CAL’s coming one after another, and numerous crochet patterns. I enjoy learning new techniques. I tired overlay and mosaic crochet. Maybe I will become brave enough to try Tunisian crochet, too.
Namaste Scarf - FREE knitting pattern by

Well, sometimes I do experience those rare moments when I feel like picking my needles again. Last time I was inspired by Rhythm Mohair and Alpaca yarn by Scheepjes. And my Blue Feather sweater was born.

And when I saw new Namaste yarn by Scheepjes, knit-sick came back again. And I decided to design something new.
Namaste Scarf - FREE knitting pattern by

Well, at first it was supposed to be a blanket. Huge and hygge, and chunky, and cozy. But because I am not used to knitting with large needles (and Namaste yarn calls for 8mm) my hands were tired very soon. And I frogged everything and started over again, this time with smaller number of stitches.

A super-chunky-scarf it will be, I told to myself.

If you haven’t heard about Namaste yarn before, please, check my review HERE. It was a pleasure to knit with this yarn. In the beginning it was splitting a bit, but when I adjusted my knit style everything went smoothly and my knit speed was back.
Namaste Scarf - FREE knitting pattern by

You’ll find Namaste yarn in local Scheepjes shops and via online retailers:

WoolWarehouse*, Deramores*, Black Sheep Wools* (all three in UK with international shipping)
Caro’sAtelier* (NL and Europe)
KnottyHouse* (Canada), Taemombo (US and Canada)

I tried to imitate chevron pattern both with “lacy” and textured parts, and I love how it looks and feels. Namaste scarf is pretty huge! It’s approx. 60 x 180cm (23.5 x 71”) and can be worn as a wrap or scarf. The draping is perfect and I used exactly 6 skeins of Namaste yarn.
Namaste Scarf - FREE knitting pattern by

My friend Xenia helped me with taking pictures (I just love her small and romantic yard). And when we were done I suddenly realized I wore the scarf inside out. “Oh no! This is the back side…” – I said sadly. “Come on! It only shows how beautiful your scarf is from all the sides!” – she replied. :)
Namaste Scarf - FREE knitting pattern by

The pattern consists of simply repeats and can be easily adjusted to any size.

FREE pattern will follow next week, if I manage to write it down, haha! I plan to include the chart, so let’s hope everything will work up nicely.

Do you know what I learned from my fellow knitting designers?! Oh my, it was the most unexpected discovery about myself. I learned that I do knit in a WRONG way! Well, my stitches still look correct, but I do them in the opposite manner :)

Not like right or left handed people do, but totally different! I have been knitting for 30+ years now, and this knowledge exploded my world!

At least now when I know this, I can write the patterns in a right way. Taking into consideration my own “weird” knitting style.

See you next week!

UPDATE: free knitting pattern for this Bakasana Scarf is available HERE on my blog.

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  1. Oh this is so lovely. I knit and crochet, but lately I have found a great desire to knit more. Thank you so much for offering this lovely pattern to all of us. I can't wait to start it. I hope you do more knitting and show us on your blog, too. Wishing you a most lovely day. : )

  2. I also learnt to knit and crochet around the age of 6 (curtesy of my great grandmother & great aunt, I feel very lucky to have known them both). This scarf/shawl looks beautiful ��


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