Jingle Garland and FOLK issue of Yarn book-a-zine

A happy mail landed in my mailbox two days ago and what was inside? A brand new and fresh issue of YARN book-a-zine called FOLK! I can’t believe this is the sixth issue already (if you missed previous ones, please check them HERE). I was a proud contributor to each and every one! And FOLK is not an exception.
FOLK - YARN 6 book-a-zine by Scheepjes

New FOLK issue contains more pages than previous ones, and it means even more crochet and knitting joy – 17 (!) patterns altogether. The projects vary in difficulty level and the category. You’ll find gorgeous blankets, home accessories, socks, shawls and garments!!

As every other issue FOLK features work and insights into a creative process of fiber artists. This time you’ll get acquainted with the work of Tuija Heikkinen (textile designer) and Jimmy Nelson (photographer), and read article about punch needle embroidery technique.

I love every YARN issue, but this time, in my humble opinion, Scheepjes have overdone themselves. From the first page you are invited into a luxury crochet and knitting world with gorgeous and tastefully styled pictures. But at the same time all projects you see are affordable and actually doable.
Farah Scarf by Jellina Creations
Farah Scarf by Jellina Verhoeff

You can buy your own copy in local Scheepjes stores and via online retailers:

Woolwarehouse*, Deramores*, Black Sheep Wools* (all in UK with international shipping)
Caro’s Atelier* (NL and Europe), Habbedash* (NL with international shipping)
Knotty House* (Canada)
Fairy Homes by Maria McPherson
Fairy Homes by Maria McPherson

Jingle Garland

There is a blog hop running at the moment, and every contributing designer was asked to say something about her own design and the story behind it. Usually I do have a story behind my designs, but this time I am embarrassed to say I didn’t know what to suggest as a pattern publication. And when creative director of Scheepjes addressed me with an idea of colorful and festive garland, I happily jumped onto it. Because I have wanted to make something similar for long, but simply couldn’t find time.
Jingle Garland - crochet pattern by www.lillabjorncrochet.com
Add this pattern yo your Ravelry Queue


So here it is – my Jingle Garland. It’s super simple and relatively fast to make. You’ll not be bored with these small and cute circular motifs, as yarns and colors are changed on every round (and you don’t have to weave in tails, as each motif consists of two halves joined together and stuffed. And all ends will be hidden with stuffing). Small silver bells and pompons add cuteness. By the way my 7-years-old son helped me making pompons – great activity for the whole family!

I used Scheepjes Cahlista and Twinkle yarns (the second one is full of nice sparkles). Both yarns are available via your local Scheepjes shops or online retailers listed above.
Jingle Garland - crochet pattern by www.lillabjorncrochet.com

Frida Shawl

And now let me say a few words about my own favourites from FOLK issue of YARN book-a-zine. I am in love with all of them but Frida Shawl by Miss Neriss has stolen my heart. I am excited about everything in this design: simple knit and sophisticated embroidery. And the moment I saw it I knew I must make one for myself.

I haven’t picked up my needles in a very long time (a life of a crochet designer, hehe) and I have never used 10mm needles before. So I was a bit worried of how it goes. But the pattern is beginner friendly, and my knitting part was done in nearly 4 hours. Why haven’t I heard about Peru yarn before? It’s so soft, draping and warm!
Frida Shawl by Miss Neriss

Now the embroidery is waiting for me. I am lucky to have a full box of Cahlista cutie pies*, so picking the colors should not be a problem. I think I will go for a mute fall palette… I am still not sure how to use a stabilizer for embroidery, but hopefully it will work out well! I’ve done lots of cross stitch embroidery in the past, but never did anything like this on a knitted fabric.


Scheepjes is running a YARN 6 giveaway alongside our blog hop! And you have a chance to win a copy of YARN 6, and materials to make your favourite YARN 6 project! All you have to do is read carefully. Each of participating designer has written her own blog post and hided a ‘secret symbol’ in the text. It might be a letter, a number or a symbol. It’s not invisible, so no worries – you’ll not miss it! If you put all these symbols in the same order as blog posts were published, you’ll get a secret sentence which is your entry to the giveaway!

Check previous blog post by Maria of Fifty Shades of 4 ply HERE. And tomorrow be sure to check the blog by Alia of The Little Bee (something - wow! - exciting is waiting for you there!)

To join in, comment on the Scheepjes Facebook giveaway post telling them what your favourite YARN 6 project is. Once the blog hop is finished, respond to your own comment with the full secret sentence and… let’s hope you will be the winner! The giveaway will run until November 11th, 2018 and the winner will be drawn November 12th on the Scheepjes Facebook page. It’s open to participants worldwide. Good luck!

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  1. Such beautiful pattern's in this magazine, will be hard with which one i start.

  2. Is there a way to purchase the pattern for the jingle garland?

    1. Gingle Garland is a part of YARN book-a-zine and is not available as a separate pattern...

  3. The jingle garland is the reason I ordered this bookazine. So excited to see it!

  4. This is really lovely and great blog. I like this awesome post.

  5. Love the entire mag!Any suggestions for best pompom instructioni? Mine are too flimsy!

    1. To be honest I am not an expert on pompons, and I believe that mine are far from being ideal. I think only practice can help, lol

  6. I bought the book but may I ask, which terminology used in this book? US or UK terminology? thanks.

  7. Love your patterns! I'm finishing the jingle Garland and am wondering how you put the pompoms and baubles on the 150 cm yarn tail. Thanks for your help, Debbie

    1. Hello! I used yarn needle and worked with it though the ornaments and pompons.


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