Sunny Blanket: make-a-long

It all started with a Sunny Border pattern, which was aimed to enlarge Sunny Mandala and turn it into a square. Laura Jackson (aka @taemombo on Ravelry and Instagram) was helping me with testing. But because Laura is always taking tests creatively and passionate, she decided to turn her Sunny Border into a blanket by adding small squares and Dandelion border around.
Garden Sun. Stone Washed version. Photo credit: frozen-photo

Laura’s project became very popular. And although she posted general notes about how to put all three patterns together on her Ravelry project page, my inbox was still getting full with messages asking for a complete tutorial on how to make this blanket. And finally here it is!

You can find PDF with complete notes and directions HERE on my blog (Nederlands HIER). It is available as a free download.
Garden Sun. Stone Washed version. Photo credit: frozen-photo

Where to find Patterns:

Sunny blanket is a combination of three patterns: Sunny Mandala, Sunny Border and Dandelion Border. They are available in my shops on Ravelry and Etsy:

If you choose to purchase them on Ravelry, add all three patterns to your cart and use code SUNNY for 4.5 USD discount.

!! NOTE: Previous purchases will also count and you will not pay twice for any pattern. But please, note that if you purchased some of these patterns with a discount before, then your discount will be smaller now.

Material list:

~ 4mm crochet hook (used throughout the pattern)
~ Stitch markers, scissors, blocking tools, yarn needle to weave in ends
Garden Sun. Stone Washed version. Photo credit: frozen-photo


Laura Jackson, Hilde Tindlund, Nina Mayer, Chuck and I have recreated Sunny blanket in several colorways to show you different variations. You can choose one of them or maybe get inspired and pick your own colors based on our small collection.

Each colorway was recreated with Scheepjes Stone Washed* and Scheepjes Colour Crafter* yarns. We have tried to choose similar colors so that both versions look almost the same.

Sunny blanket comes in four colorways. Please, note that yardages listed below are not official yarn packs. All three patterns are written in overlay crochet technique, with lots of front post stitches. And final yarn amounts will depend on your own crochet style and tension. The numbers listed below are based on the average yarn usage by testers. And a few numbers are given in the pattern to help you stay on track with the yarn. But please, be aware that you might need to add extra yarn in case your gauge is off.

Frozen Sun

Frozen Sun. Stone Washed version. Photo credit: Laura Jackson

Stone Washed version:

C1 – 813 Amazonite x 6 balls
C2 – 814 Crystal Quartz x 8 balls
C3 – 809 Yellow Jasper x 6 balls
C4 – 802 Smokey Quartz x 5 balls
C5 – 805 Blue Apatite x 7 balls
C6 – 816 Coral x 6 balls
Frozen Sun. Colour Crafter version. Photo credit: Hilde Tindlund

Colour Crafter version:

C1 – 1820 Goes x 3 balls
C2 – 2019 Sint Niklaas x 3 balls
C3 – 1823 Coevorden x 3 balls
C4 – 1099 Wolvega x 2 balls
C5 – 1302 Dokkum x 3 balls
C6 – 1711 Leeuwarden x 3 balls

Moody Sun

Moody Sun. Stone Washed version. Photo credit: Chuck

Stone Washed version:

C1 – 805 Blue Apatite x 6 balls
C2 – 829 Obsidian x 5 balls
C3 – 802 Smokey Quartz x 7 balls
C4 – 814 Crystal Quartz x 10 balls
C5 – 830 Lepidolite x 6 balls
C6 – 813 Amazonite x 4 balls

Colour Crafter version:

C1 – 1302 Dokkum x 3 balls
C2 – 1054 Haarlem x 2 balls
C3 – 1099 Wolvega x 3 balls
C4 – 2019 Sint Niklaas x 4 balls
C5 – 2007 Spa x 2 balls
C6 – 1820 Goes x 2 balls

Garden Sun

Garden Sun. Stone Washed version. Photo credit: frozen-photo

Stone Washed version: 

C1 – 805 Blue Apatite x 7 balls
C2 – 807 Red Jasper x 4 balls
C3 – 816 Coral x 5 balls
C4 – 833 Beryl x 9 balls
C5 – 827 Peridot x 8 balls
C6 – 830 Lepidolite x 5 balls

Colour Crafter version:

C1 – 2005 Oostende x 3 balls
C2 – 1123 Roermond x 2 balls
C3 – 1711 Leeuwarden x 2 balls
C4 – 1114 Eindhoven (or 2004 Brussel) x 4 balls
C5 – 1822 Delfzijl x 3 balls
C6 – 2007 Spa x 2 balls

Evening Sun

Evening Sun. Colour Crafter version. Photo credit: Nina Mayer

Colour Crafter version only:

C1 – 1063 Rotterdam x 3 balls
C2 – 1005 Barneveld x 4 balls
C3 – 842 Taylor (Colour Crafter Velvet) x 2 balls
C4 – 1722 Alphen x 3 balls
C5 – 1723 Vlissingen x 3 balls
C6 – 1302 Dokkum x 2 balls

Stone Washed and Colour Crafter yarn is available from local Scheepjes stockists and also via international online retailers:

Wool Warehouse*, Black Sheep Wools* (UK with international shipping)
Caro’s Atelier* (NL and Europe)

If you are in Canada or US, make sure to check Laura’s shop Taemombo for ready yarn packs in all four colorways (with both versions). Laura is offering all three patterns for free for those customers who purchase a yarn pack from her to make a Sunny Blanket.
Garden Sun. Stone Washed version. Photo credit: frozen-photo


If you’d like to make Sunny Blanket but not sure you can handle the patterns, or if you prefer to crochet large projects together with someone, I would like to invite you to my group on Facebook where an informal make-a-long for Sunny Blanket will be hosted.

We will begin on February 26th, 2020. There will be no strict dates and no rush. Because you will have all complete patterns at once, you can work at your own path and ask questions when you are stuck with the pattern. I hope this make-a-long will be a very relaxed one, and that it will also give you time to work on other wips at the same time (and I bet you have lots of them at the moment).
Frozen Sun. Stone Washed version. Photo credit: Laura Jackson

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  1. Fantastic! I think I have all the patterns already, and possibly all the SW in my stash. I am a big fan of Laura Jackson, and, and welcome the opportunity to work on this blanket in a supportive environment of friends. I'm just finishing my Spirit of the Lake (part 6). Julie

    1. Hi Julie, I am so glad you are enjoying my patterns! See you soon at Sunny Blanket make-a-long.

  2. Hi Laora
    Will you add video tatorial to the pattern?

    1. There will be no video... But you have lots of progress pictures in the pattern.

  3. I'm having trouble finding Color Crafter Velvet in Taylor. Do you have a suggestion for a replacement? I don't trust the colors on my computer screen to match the blue.

    All four colorways are beautiful. I wish I could make all four!

    1. Well, that's a tricky one... Because it's semi-colored with not so much blue in it... So I would go for something light maybe? What about Texel 1019? The sunny rays would pop up better. But it's really up to you!

  4. I saw an email that stated that the yarn amts for this blanket may have changed. I lost the email and would really like to know what the changes are.

    1. If you made a purchase on Ravelrym the pattern should has been update in your library. Same with Etsy, please check You->Purchases and Reviews section for a download button.

  5. I am confused on how to buy the pattern. Is this the pattern for Sunny Mandala and the border, the whole center part before the small squares? I already have the Dandelion border pattern.

    1. If you have the Dandelion Border, then you need Sunny Mandala and Sunny Border.

  6. Morning Tatsiana, thank you for this beautiful pattern. I am just working on round 12 of the Sunny border and notice that it should increase by 8 but I can't see where this would happen. I hope you are well and managing to self isolate.
    Chris Birch x

  7. I have finished the Sunny Mandala and Border and just purchased the Dandelion Border. Where do I find the small squares that you used?

    1. Sorry for the late reply... Instructions for small squares are included into a Tutorial about how to put the blanket together.

  8. God day. I just bought all three patterns...sunny Mandala, border and dandelion border. I have missed the amount of yarn that I would need to make all three for my afghan. Would you be kind enough to email me the amounts that I need. I am hoping to get down to the local yarn store (175km away) in Janauary. Thank you

    1. Hello! You should have a tutorial with notes on how to put all three patterns together. In this file you will see exact yarn amounts in each color. Let me know if you can find this file. It's among your downloads for Sunny Border pattern.

  9. Hello
    More I am
    In more with your patterns ! I understand id I have already bought for instance Dandelion Border I will be discounted the pattern costs? E book for this Blanket is use 10 including all 3’patterns . When I introduce the SUNNY code no discount shows up . Maybe its time was due up already? 😊 thank you

  10. I have purchased all patterns for this and want to start. I don't see where the color usage is specified on the mandala section. Can someone help?


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