Furry Cloud Cowl: reveal

Hi there! We discussed different ways of knitting last week and came to the conclusion that whatever way you knit, it’s fine. If it works for you and if your stitches look right in the end. I decided to relax about my “weird” way of knitting. Especially after hearing that lots of other people successfully use it in the different parts of the world. Truly, there is no right or wrong knitting!
Photo credit: Oleg Ignatovich

In a meanwhile, I have finished my Furry Cloud Cowl! These pictures arrived from Minsk, from my dear friends Oleg (photographer) and Natasha (model).

This winter in the Czech Republic is incredibly warm. We had a little bit of snow just once or twice, and it didn’t last for long. In Belarus there were just a few snowy days as well, and we were lucky to catch them in the pictures.
Photo credit: Oleg Ignatovich

So here is my brand new Furry Cloud Cowl! A very simple knit with two layers: cables were knitted with Scheepjes River Washed yarn* (Wheaton (950) - 5 balls), and the bottom is straightforward stockinette fabric with Scheepjes Furry Tales yarn* (Prince Charming (975) - 3 balls).

As you can see in the pictures, my cowl is pretty long – approx. 150cm in length (30cm width), because I wanted it to be enough to double wrap around the neck. To make it very cozy and snuggly. This way you can even pull one wrap over the head, to make an improvised hood.
Photo credit: Oleg Ignatovich

But it is very easy to make the cowl shorter, for just one wrap. All you need is to make both layers twice shorter. And you’ll need twice less yarn, obviously.

I chose a very simple knit pattern for the top. It consists of five 9-stitched braids. Easy to remember and meditative to knit.

And the bottom is just one fluffy cloud of 25 stitches. With large (8mm) needles and Furry Tales you won’t even notice when it will be finished! The fabric is growing in your hands very fast... And it also makes the cowl reversable!
Photo credit: Oleg Ignatovich

Free pattern will follow next week! So stay tuned.

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